Feds spend $174,792 taking pictures of food

Feds spend $174,792 taking pictures of food

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  • Did the Feds then upload the pictures to their Pinterest and Instagram pages?

  • They should’ve subscribed to r/foodporn and saved all that taxpayer money

  • As always with these stories, the headline is so misleading as to be completely false.

    The money is funding a STUDY. PART of the study involves using images of food. You’re also paying for the researchers to do the study, the participants, the food itself, etc, etc.

    This is like that story a while back claiming that scientists spent a million dollars to make a treadmill for lizards, when in fact, the million dollar grant was to fund a research program to work on how to keep astronauts healthy in space. Some work was done with lizards on a treadmill to study how bodies move, and the treadmill itself was whipped up in an afternoon out of spare parts by a couple of grad students.

    If your news source has to lie about a story to make it a story, it’s not a good news source.

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