Family claims fidget spinner burst into flames while charging

Family claims fidget spinner burst into flames while charging

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  • Why the hell does a fidget spinner need to be charged?!?

  • Fidget spinner: “this isn’t even my final form”

  • Did it create a flaming vortex?!

  • The news organization refers to itself as Fox10 on the url, fox5 on the screenshot, and fox6 in the body text. I suspect this may not be a legitimate news site…

  • In reality, it was the cheap bluetooth speaker that exploded. Clever of them to leave it out of the title.

  • Why can’t kids just twirl pencils or disassemble and reassemble pens like the rest of us did back in the stoneage?

  • > Just last week, the consumer watchdog group World Against Toys Causing Harm listed fidget spinners as a dangerous toy and a hazard for kids.

    In *my* time…

  • Bluetooth speakers. On a damn fidget spinner that fits in the palm of my hand. That’s just weird.

  • what a mess

  • The family’s fiery rage was evident.

  • Samsung fidget spinner?

  • They used exclamation points in the article, and left out the fact that it was a Bluetooth speaker in the spinner that exploded in the headline to grab the attention of paranoid parents.

    What garbage journalism.

  • Flaming fidget spinners? Sounds like a potentially awesome stunt if you ask me.

  • Figet spinner on fire not good

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