• Interesting article. We really need to update a lot of laws for the modern age. Not just privacy laws but also stuff like copyright are very out of date. It’s weird that we still have not updated most of these for the digital age even though computers and digital are dominating our lives for over twenty years now.

  • >Even one of the inventors of facial recognition is worried. “It pains me to see a technology that I helped invent being used in a way that is not what I had in mind in respect to privacy,” said Joseph Atick, who helped develop facial recognition in the 1990s at Rockefeller University in New York City.

    Hmmm… scientist invents technology and then doesn’t like its application later. Where have we seen this before?

  • Part of their plan is to use peoples facing showing emotion to make the future robots be able to pass a Turing Test.

  • Good thing I haven’t uploaded a picture in 8 years. I’ve deleted any with my face, too.

  • How could they miss out on the opportunity for an “All Your Face Belong to Us.” Headline?

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