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  • I’m sending this to any client that tries this shit lol.

  • Four words every artist needs to learn to say; Fuck you, pay me.
    Also contracts, learn about those, they’ll save your ass.

  • Credit to The Oatmeal: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/exposure

  • Once you have enough EXPOSURE BUCKS you can you exchange them for…

    A career drawing highly specific fetish porn. Or at least that’s what most of the artists I know have done.

  • > Gambino聽is a聽call girl: fuck you, pay me

  • What happened to the oatmeal? Did that guy get famous on digg? I feel like I used to see his comics all the time but it’s been forever since I’ve seen one.

  • r/graphic_design would love this

  • I’m a law student who has a decent network. I had this friend I haven’t talked to in years ask me if I could recommend a contract lawyer for an indie film she’s involved in. I directed her to Avvo and the ABA directory and then she hits me with the “oh we have no money. We can give them free marketing and exposure.”

    I just don’t know how to respond to people like this. I just stopped replying to her.

  • Was this done because of the photographer post? Because that is all I’m thinking about while enjoying this!

  • This is what my boss would do all the time. She is a fashion designer and she would take part in all these events in which she would make all these expensive custom garments for “exposure”. Once she even had to cut all our hours because she had wasted so much money on people who wouldn’t pay her.

  • People die from exposure, you know.

  • For people who are facing this problem, here’s a talk titled [“Fuck You Pay Me.”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h3RJhoqgK8)

  • Isn’t this from the oatmeal?

    Edit: it must be since it says “the oatmeal” in the lower right corner. I hate my face.

  • Almost the opposite sentiment with stand up comedy.

  • Pretty sure the oatmeal is loaded, but I’m okay with that because I love his stuff.

  • The thing about exposure is that people die from too much exposure.

  • [[Somewhat Relevant]](https://youtu.be/kEXeziAdAjE?t=2m4s)

  • When they say “You’re doing this for exposure”. They’re telling you what you will die from because you didn’t make any money.

  • Here’s the thing: you can die of exposure.

  • So relatable coming from that rich webcomic artist.

  • idk what’s wrong here. Like, yeah it’s not money but it’s good for your portfolio. I mean if you wanted to make money why do you do art?

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