• I saw this film in Waterloo, Iowa. It was a powerful experience that revitalized Twin Peaks for me and built Lynch’s mythology further in new and interesting ways. I’ve found it to be endlessly watchable and engrossing since then. TP: The Return has further vindicated its existence with its darkness and continued mythology building.

  • I’m so glad this movie is finally getting good press after getting shit on at the time of its release.

  • Watching the original for the first time, literally right now. Such a fun show. I’m excited for the revival!

  • Dammit i just started watching the original series,i already have the revival, and now i find out there’s a movie. This is a lot to catch up on.

  • I really need to binge the second season and watch this to begin the revival series…

  • I find Fire Walk With Me to be a waste of time and just an excuse to show Laura Palmer’s tits.

  • I find the film beautifully haunting, extremely disjointed, and utterly unnecessary. I love the first season of Twin Peaks more than just about anything.

    Season 2 is bonkers, and season 3 is just a hot mess, emphasis on mess.

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