• What? You mean Friday night tykes wasn’t drawing in the ratings? Wasn’t this also the network that took over G4 when that shut down?

  • Cool you had the foresight to capture this

  • I watched a few things on this network before I dropped to a lower package. I loved brew dogs and some of the travel stuff. If it was part of a lower cable package I would have continued to watch it since it was better than a lot of the crap included on the low package.

  • They put Morgan Webb out of a job. Bastards, serves them right!

  • where else am i supposed to watch Fight Club???

  • Bring back Attack of the Show!

  • Yea those were the other 2 shows I recorded. It was a interesting network that didn’t come together.

  • Had no idea it was ending. I don’t think I watched it much but I liked knowing it existed. A little sad that is gone.

  • It looks like they had about 2-3hrs of good programing. I wish they would have just done something like adult swim or nick at nite and do a channel take over. Take over G4 during primetime or something. With everyone having DVR or VOD it doesn’t feel like we need a 24/7 channel.

    Hell make it a VOD only channel. You have to watch commercials so they get ads but it’s not a full time channel.

  • When the network started they had a nice lineup of original programing tailored for men. As a late 20’s guy, I actually liked most of their content. They just never set up another wave of shows when a season ended and had a lapse in new programing. Felt like they never really recovered and the network became an afterthought. I checked back in after a few months and they had become a standard network show syndicated programing similar to like Spike.

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