• However he does say

    >so i don’t date

    So it seems like he might be somewhat aware. Maybe he’s just self reflecting?

  • How can you lack this much self awareness.

  • http://i.imgur.com/SVVlLNq.jpg

    Reminds me of this.

  • This guy just answered his own question, ugh.

  • Although the guy does “I don’t date.” So he really isn’t begging. It’s like he knows short, ugly, broke people just aren’t on the menu period.

  • I kinda get it, though. It’s probably mean to say but even ugly people don’t want to date ugly people.

    Even though the statement is correct, ugly is probably not even the right word. I’d go with undesirable. And why would two undesirable people desire each other if they’re undesirable?

  • It’s obvious. Dude wants to slack off and eat poorly instead of dating women. Shit’s competitive. There’s plenty of fish in the sea but you have a lot of people fishing too.

  • Quality /r/incel

  • Simply put: If you see no value in yourself, you can’t blame others for not seeing your value.

  • That is the best. I like when people do t stick to what they should

  • Is it just me or is this clearly a troll?

  • For most people, 90% of the human experience is being pissed off you’re not a 10, we get it, but duuuude….

  • If you lost the genetic lottery, how can you expect a winner to you want to be with you?

  • Side note, confidence goes a long ways

  • Tbh, he is no choosing beggar, he knows he is ugly, and instead of wanting a good gf he admits that he just don’t dates at all.

  • I’m not defending this but I will say women are often told “not to settle”, and often aim way above what they can get. If men “refuse to settle” it’s often framed as shallowness.

  • /r/incels in a nutshell.

  • Are you guys sure that this guy wasn’t being sarcastic?

  • (Handsome, Rich, Not-an-Asshole)

    You can pick two.

    This guy has none.

  • Why is lack of self-awareness so common in so many people? The world would be a much better place if this wasn’t the case.

  • This pic always cracks me up like HOLY COW!!!

  • He is just saying no woman wants him, dumb ass.

  • To be fair, he never suggested that he himself wasn’t shallow.

  • Is it possible he’s not saying women are shallow, but that people in general are shallow, and whatever discussion he was in was specifically talking about women? He can’t possibly be that crazy that he means it the way we’re taking him to mean it.

  • I see way more good looking women dating ugly men than vice versa so this stereotype that women are shallow has always been odd to me.

  • I do like short, slightly chubby wallflowers and I’m sure there are women who like somewhat faulty men, but most people just aren’t into assholes.

  • r/incels

  • Gotta point that rage at your own existence somewhere…

  • Most people want a pool with a nice shallow end and a nice deep end. Just because you’re a deep pool doesn’t mean she wants to tread water the whole time.

  • I think the key is to find people on your own level, then anyone can find girls/guys to sleep with or date. But yeah, gotta be self aware of course, or insanely charming and funny. ;D

  • *facepalm*

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