• Reminds me of the hacked Sony email where the executive wrote, “Millennials will often post “N.B.D.” on their social media after doing it , as in No Big Deal, also known as the “humble brag”…..wondering if Spidey could get into that in some way”


  • They photoshopped the Tom Holland out of Tom Holland.

  • all the marketing seems aimed squarely at boys between 8 and 15, even though the flick is PG-13 – not a bad strategy even if it’s lame to the 40 year old Marvel fan boys

  • Gross! That last text is the worst!

  • Who in God’s name is in charge of photoshopping at Entertainment Weekly? I just don’t understand how these things get approved.

  • The one-sided conversation makes it look like Pete has no friends. Like, who is he messaging?

    (If they had one reply from Tony saying “Kid, enough with the messages…” that would be funny.)

  • More like /r/crappydesign

  • Stuff like this kinda makes me miss the good old Tobey McGuire/Late 90’s-Mid 2000’s days of Spider-Man. :/
    Then again, maybe this movie will be better than this marketing scheme… I hope.

  • I hate how ads aimed at millennials use the word “totally” all the time. When was the last fucking time someone used that word in this kind of context? Wtf

  • EW.

  • a lot of the material we’ve had recently has been kinda unfitting or ironically good but flying over OP’s head. it’s good to see some proper material here again.

  • Spider man wouldn’t take a selfie without his mask on……. That’s the stupidest part that no one has mentioned. He has a secret identity for a reason.

  • That looks more like Tom Brady in a Spider-Man suit than it does Tom Holland

  • #🍆🕸😩

  • Ok so the web is attached to the text I guess… but what the hell is the text attached to?!

  • Shot is so poorly edited it’s cringey.

  • I did like GLOW

  • Holy shit what an abomination.

  • Why does his face look photoshopped into the picture? Did they not actually get the actor for the cover photo?

  • Honestly, I’m pretty sure some people text like this. I mean, I see twitter and reddit posts like this anyway, I assume they’re from kids under 20.

  • This is the most cancerous magazine cover I’ve ever seen

  • I dunno if it’s because of being on Reddit, and having hope, but I can see him doing the emoji shit ironically.

  • The only thing that bothers me about this is that he’s taking a selfie but posing for the photographer above him. MY IMMERSION!

  • I do like those Spider-Man emojis, not gonna lie.

    But everything else is terrible/hilarious/amazing

  • I genuinely thought this was from r/Marvel

  • I’m a fan of this sort of marketing but holy fuck stop with the forced shit.

  • Failng at Deadpool but nailing ‘irritating teenage girl’.

  • This reads like a /r/niceguys text where they just keep on texting even though the girl isn’t replying.

  • Every damn poster and article that promotes this movie makes it look like horseshit

  • The real question here is whether he’s talking about the original Birdman, Birdman: Coast to Coast, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, Birdman: The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, the rapper Bryan Christopher Williams or he’s just confused and thinking of Hawkman.

  • The saddest thing I’ve seen in a long while

  • I mean, GLOW is super awesome ….

  • Man, this was a pretty good idea for a cover, too. Just terrible execution.

  • So much photoshop, actor looks like different person.

  • I can’t wait to not spend my money on this movie

  • Entertainment Weekly isn’t advertising to kids. It’s an industry magazine, ffs.

    They’re poking fun at the new Spider-Man’s age. He’s a millennial. He texts a lot.

  • Even though I think this movie is going to be pretty, it looks pretty cringy.

  • The entire movie has been marketed like this thats why I already hate it.

  • Nobody cares about the new Spiderman

  • I simultaneously hate Tom Holland but still think he’s a better Spiderman that Garfield or McGuire.

  • I do like this Spider-Man emojis, not gonna lie.

    But everything else is terrible/hilarious/amazing

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