• I swear this sub has become more about art and less about creepy.

  • Looks like one of those shitty little imp daedra in Oblivion.

  • La chupacabra!!

  • Oh he is so fucking cute! How can I summon him?

  • […more about Drekavac](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drekavac)

  • How come this is not on the witcher 3?

  • Damn always wondered what they looked like when hearing about them in movies (eg. Pretty Village Pretty Flame), tbh they look kind of cute.

  • I’m sensing a number of parallels between this and the Jersey Devil.

  • new name for girls who scream/fake moan too much in the bedroom

  • Does anyone know of any good creepypasta/nosleep type of stories for this thing?

  • I think my grandfather used to scare my dad into doing chores with this thing…I can see how it worked

  • I know he’s supposed to be creepy, but he’s cute in an ugly way….with his lil belly.

  • This should’ve been in Persona 5

  • I’m coming for that red bead to finish imp catcher.

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