Downward Dog, a weirdly lovely show about a talking dog, belongs on TV — just not ABC

Downward Dog, a weirdly lovely show about a talking dog, belongs on TV — just not ABC

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  • Just watched the pilot after reading this post. Not perfect by any means, but for an ABC show, really good. 8/10

  • Allison Tolman deserves better than this.

  • great show,
    Loved it,
    got great reviews,
    was actually one of the few fresh ideas Ive seen on tv in awhile
    I hope whoever picks it up buries one of ABC shitty shows in the same time slot

    Also…I wouldnt call it a “show about a talking dog” that sounds like this is some Mr Ed story….
    Its a show that is primarily told from the perspective of a dog with deeply human emotions, complex thoughts….
    I would call it a relatable tale of canine existentialism

  • I watched an episode, its the biggest “meh” show out there. Nothing impressive or different or even that funny.

  • It’s a wonderful show. I am just now discovering it, sadly, a couple of weeks after its cancellation.

  • My brother was telling me about this.. Said he really enjoys the show but it leaves him kinda sad at the end of each episode.

  • I like the show, but I really can’t stand the voice of the dog. He sounds like one of those weirdos people would avoid, and this is coming from a weirdo people often avoid. I forgot to watch the last episode and I didn’t even rage like I normally would for a better show.

    I wish they did a Wishbone reboot. I would watch that for sure.

  • My wife and I watched all 8 episodes and really enjoyed it. Bummed when we heard that it was cancelled but I’m hopeful it’ll get picked up by somebody (looking at you Netflix/Hulu/Amazon) cuz it’s a pretty cool premise.

  • Wilfred is already a thing….

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