• I wonder if he knew he was saving him, or was just trying to steal the stick

    Edit: i couldn’t ask for a better top comment

  • *Dog Saves Stick

  • If I remember correctly the dog was in no danger, the “rapids” here open up to a small stream not very long after where the gif stops panning. I can’t find to source video but the dog was in no real danger.

  • Why was OP throwing the dog’s stick at the mouth of rapids… 🙁

  • I once had to save my black Lab from a fast moving current. It was an arroyo where we often went hiking, but this was the day after a storm, and what had been a stream turned into a rapidly moving river. If he hadn’t jumped in a bit upstream from me, and if I hadn’t run the fastest I have in years, that little bastard wouldn’t be here hogging the sofa right now.

  • /r/unnecessaryslowmo

  • He was just trying to save the stick

  • The fact the person filming doesn’t even flinch when the dog starts sailing downstream suggests there was no danger here at all, so that’s nice.
    Still a cute clip though.

  • “my stick now, brah”

    “s’all good”

  • It’s not immediately apparent that there is no danger. But the thing that got me misty for what ever reason he grabs the stick and pulls him out. That’s a really good dog no matter how you slice it. A beautiful thing to witness. Kinda makes me feel like there’s more love or loyalty in the world than I thought before I watched it.

  • I hate when people slow down videos. Like we only have one chance to watch it.

  • Expecting yellow dog to push black dog back in after it got the stick.

  • Got promoted to branch manager right after.

  • was he saving the dog or saving the stick?

  • It’s a dog save dog world

  • Dog saves stick, more like it.

  • Dog saves stick, finds another dog annoyingly clinging to it.

  • *Dog Steals Stick

  • Why would someone throw the stick to a place where exactly this could happen? You wanna see your dog drown today? Because that shit happens fast.

  • Whoever is taping is thinking “nah, he’s got this one”

  • “Dog saves stick”

  • “You now owe me a life debt. Or I could just take this stick and we can call it quits.”

  • > Dog Saves Stick (with Dog attached)


  • Pretty sure the hero dog just wanted that stick.

  • He wanted the stick haha

  • As hooman does nothing but record it for internet points.

  • “Let me just stand over here and record as my dog is being washed down by the river and will probably break a couple bones”

  • I call BS on this one. Owner throws stick just to the entrance of place where dog can die and proceeds to film it. Both dogs are wet so I bet it opens up into a lovely calm lake and it’s sort of like a slide for them.

  • Based on where the stick was thrown I am assuming this was happening repeatedly. No saving was occuring

  • Dog saves stick that other dog was holding*

  • *Human almost kills dog

  • Why were they filming?

  • Who the FUCK decided to throw the stick there?

  • And the guy just keeps recording lol

  • Why the fuck was he just standing there filming. Help the dog for fucks sake.

  • Dick move by the guy with the camera

  • Wow

  • ❤️❤️❤️ bless these doggos

  • And for that we Thank You

  • That fucker just wanted the stick

  • Dog Saves Stick

  • Dog didn’t wanna save dog, dog wanted to save the stick!

  • This footage needs to be included in “Marley & Me II”

    What a take!

  • What about the person filming it tho, must be a trained exercise.

  • Good boy

  • Scar! Brother! Help Me!

  • Definitely just wanted the chew toy

  • All of the practice playing tug of war went into holding onto that stick

  • Now that’s what I call delegating


  • So its true that black labs are really not that smart huh?

  • Better action than a Micheal Bay movie…

  • Yeah, I’m pretty sure he just wanted that stick. Which he got.

  • “Brother, you saved me!”

    *holding stick* “Yes… you’re the one I saved”

  • It was as if the other dog knew it’s gonna happen.

  • He just wanted the stick

  • That looks set up for sure. Still, really great!


  • My stick now!

  • Think the dogs planned this ahead of time.
    “Dude there is a stick go get it”
    “Dude if a get that I’ll get catch in the rapids.
    “Bro, just raise up the stick and I’ll grab you on the way down. It’s all good dog we got this.”

  • You would think he would learn the first time but instead he keeps running back to catch it. Doggo no

  • Talk about jaw strength.

  • Dogs interrupts water slide of dog.

  • Lion king, but with dogs

  • ++Scientists Discover Evolutionary Drive for Fetching Sticks in Dogs++

  • taking this stick as payment, thank u

  • While hooman stood there taping.

  • The white one is like: shit, something attatched to my stick.

  • this is the best thing I saw today.

  • Dog saves stick

  • The title should be ‘Stupid person who threw the stick into rushing waters’

  • Who was recording this just watching their dog nearly drown?

  • idk i feel like it could have easily hit a rock or something

  • He was probably trying to steal the stick. A good boy nonetheless

  • Nah the doggo just wanted the stick.

  • That’s just being smart.

    Like you’re all about that Stick Life and your best mate is all about that Stick Life so if you’re about to die, take the stick with you and be like “bro, Stick Life?” and dude will save you.

    Stick Life.

  • To the victor goes the spoils

  • It looks defiantly dog want to help the other dog, it shows that every living thing has the sympathy for others

  • Dog steals stick.

  • Hero of life saving. I love him

  • life, death..stick is all

  • its like reverse death of Mufasa?!

  • Dude I just saved your life I’m not letting go of the stick, it’s mine

    No no no no no…fine take it

  • False. They are actually just participating in extreme tug of war, doggos got sports too.

  • Why is the person with the camera just watching?

  • K, now give me the fucking stick.
    Oh, i also saved your life.

  • Apparently, it’s a dog saves dog world.

  • My guess is the dog wasn’t really in danger

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