Dog doesn’t learn

Dog doesn’t learn

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  • That cat landed so many blows, amazing

    Round 1:

    Cat — 78

    Dog — 0

  • i own a Boxer.. they like to keep trying

  • “What part about ‘get the f… off my couch’, don’t you understand???”

  • Cat slaps are painless…it’s the sound which makes them terrifying

  • This a preview of the Mayweather v McGregor fight?

  • Dog: lol you realize I run face first into a cactus garden playing fetch and I still love it, right? Pussy.

  • Cat has the Highground

  • Omg that cat looks like a mix of Maine coon and Siamese.

  • r/gifsthatkeepongiving

  • Pretty sure that dog thinks the cat is playing.

  • Dog doesn’t care.


  • Dog doesn’t get scratched, and the cat in OP is declawed.

  • Put some claws on the cat.

    My cat owns my mastiff, and she’s got about 130 lbs on him.

  • If this cat is declawed, that’s why the dog never learns, because he doesn’t get scratched, and the cat can’t adequately defend itself.

  • Cats never back down. I’m pretty sure my 8lb cat could take on both my 30lb dogs. They’re also kind of pussies.


  • Dog learned just fine: cat is annoyed, so success is had.

  • It’s good to see cat working in some combos.

  • He could punch things reasonably hard, it seems to enjoy it.

  • That’s some Floyd Mayweather shit right there!

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