Does the Bible count as PPE?

Does the Bible count as PPE?

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  • Number of days since last reported incident since always make me think about minor accidents: “Hey you don’t want to screw up our count do you?”

  • These signs are actually against osha regulation. The reason they use is that these “days since” signs will discourage people from reporting accidents. Osha came in last year and made us turn ours off.

  • I’m now imagining some poor sap in post-fire Rome resetting the counter from DCLXVI to nulla.

  • Hey I work in a plant construction site and can confirm that all accidents are avoidable. Take your job seriously no matter what you doing.

  • I work in a manufacturing plant, and there is A LOT of pressure to avoid injuries from upper management. Which is good of course, but it puts you in a weird place if you do get injured. You’re a pariah of sorts, and you’re the one who ruined all the perk bonuses for everyone, and from that point on everybody looks at you whenever the topic of safety comes up.

    I don’t know if that’s an unintended consequence of pushing safety so hard, or if they’re trying to use that peer pressure on purpose. But I honestly dread the consequences of ruining a safety record more than the injury itself.

  • Well I think I would recommend taking today off.

  • My dad worked for a contract company that would arrive to manufacturing businesses to work on their indoor cranes, he also happens to be a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

    One day a worker he came to know there walked up to him and said “could you help me?” and showed him a very bloody hand.

    It had been a couple hundred days since the clock had reset, and the guy did not want to be the one who reset it, so he went to the nearest medical professional who did not officially work at the plant.

  • 11/10 title, because it goes up to 11

  • We had ours up over 1100 earlier this year. Then somebody fell out of their chair and we had to reset it. DUMBASS!

  • Hail Safety

  • We have people crashing PIT equipment and shit near everyday around here. The building board has read 18 days since last recordable incident since November. No one updates the damn thing either to avoid embarrassment or because we don’t really care about safety over productivity.

  • the bible only counts as PPE if you are Ned Flanders.

  • the last accident they had broke the reset button on the days since last accident counter.

  • “Lucky I was wearing an extra-large piece of the True Cross today”

  • We have 2 of these. One for drivers and the other for dock workers. Both have never been reset after injuries occurred. Just some corporate bullshit

  • I like how the manufacturer has used a standard 7-segment LED display from an alarm clock or something; the spacing between the 2nd and 3rd digit has two dots between it.

  • I am impressed that you have gone almost 2 years. Mine doesn’t usually make it to 1

  • Today is the day …..

  • I can tell by the number of days since last accident…
    This is not an automotive plant 😂😂

    Edit for Source:
    Worked as a forklift operator at Bosch.
    Old roommate works at BMW.

  • I feel like these signs belong in /r/LateStageCapitalism because “without lost time” implies “well we’ve had 9 injuries, but we’re still pumping out product!”

  • r/UAC_irl

  • This doesn’t belong on this subreddit

  • There’s this plant I often work at that has one of these but I swear in the last 4 years I’ve never seen them plug it in

  • I never knew they went that high!

    If the one in my plant ever gets into double digits it’s a cause for celebration.

  • I’m pretty certain my stupid ass HSE manager would have cut herself to prevent this.

  • Lol

  • And this was the safest day ever.

  • This sign looks like something that could be posted at r/THE_PACK

  • I feel like the reason why people don’t report it is because who wants to be the one who resets the countdown.

  • I approve.

  • We just don’t update ours when we get a recordable. The newbies think we’re all safety. Everyone knows production > safety.

  • It’s ok, nero was laid off many years ago.

  • Can we get to 6666 upvotes? I hope so.

  • If you read the oldest versions of Revelations, the number of the beast is 616 not 666. Somewhere along the many translations and copying the number was changed.

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