• Looks like they’re handling Barb’s disappearance fairly well.

  • Is this the real life?

  • My kid and their friends wear those types of glasses now. They call them “vintage aviators” and they are really popular among them right now.

  • An optometrists dream.

  • So…does your uncle wear glasses too now?

  • I swear the dad looks like the serial killer from Mindhunter.

  • Nope.

  • Take us to your leader.

  • Where have I seen your Aunt on the left with the red collar? Is she an actress, or have I met her IRL?

  • Of course it could get more 80s! Her brother doesn’t even have glasses with gigantic lenses and thick, translucent brown frames… other than that though spot on.

  • nothing to see here!

  • Did they run a shed and breakfast?

  • I see that glasses were “buy 3, get 1 free”.

  • Yep, you win the 80’s.

  • This is a complex multiple exposure.

    The family shares one pair of glasses, and they alternate.

  • Hahaha. That’s pretty great.

  • Another Redditor found it for me.

    She looks like a young Lauri Hendler from “Gimmie a Break”.

    Google the name, and compare the black and white photo to the one you posted.

  • I’ve always wondered. What does circa mean? Does it mean it’s been in circulation?

  • Wrong sub.

  • That’s one ugly family. No offense, though. I’m just a random asshole on the internet.

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