• You can get it for ps4

  • good memories, taking speed, breaking windows and stealing radios.. good times…*good times*

  • This was my favourite game for a long time they need a pc remake

  • No it doesn’t need a remake. Here’s the thing about remakes – 99% of the time they are a disaster. How about moving on to new things instead of rehashing your life over and over and over? Try something new as opposed to sticking with your comfort zone. And most importantly, stop trying to relive old memories just for nostalgia’s sake. Enjoy the game in its released form. Stop trying to paint over a Picassso. Would you paint eyebrows on the Mona Lisa because you feel it needs a “remake”?

    Fucking respect art as it is instead of trying to change it to be more updated.

  • Hellllllllll yea

  • Come out to plaaaayeeeeyaaay

  • The blackout level was my fav

  • The rooftop battles multiplayer in this game was far ahead of its time. Probably the most fun 2p mode I have ever encountered.

  • This game was perfection

  • It would be a miracle if we got a remake now.

    But miracles are the way things ought to be

  • “Warriors! Come out and Plaay!”

    This game on PSP was the best, you and another mate going around smashing things and fighting gangs. One of my favourite ADHOC games ever.

  • I completed this with a friend co-op 100%

  • Instead of remakes we need proper sequels

  • I’d rather new ideas, gameplay types, and fresh new characters.

    Or we can remake crap, I guess.

  • Man me and my cousin used to play this shit all of the time.

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