• No, they don’t. And not all of them do. Do they need to use puppets? No, but Jeff Dunham does. Do they need to sit on a stool instead of standing? No, but Marc Maron does.

    Let the goddamn comedian decide what they do and do not want to include in their act.

  • Nope, they do not. There always has been comedy that’s not been political no matter the president.

    But now since Trump’s president tons of people want every show to be political all the time.

    They are comedians not news hosts. If they don’t want to talk about politics then they do not have too.

  • The View has officially run out of things to talk about!

    Politics and comedy have gone together since the beginning of comedy. Hell the best comedians ever made a career out of politics.

    If anyone should leave politics alone it’s The View!!!

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