Dear UK, Why Are You Leaving the EU? [The School of Life]

Dear UK, Why Are You Leaving the EU? [The School of Life]

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  • 1992, the Maastricht Treaty was the step too far. [Opposition]( to it and the aftermath would form the kernel of the Eurosceptic movement, with the formation of [the Referendum party]( and the the Anti Federalist League, later renamed UKIP. The core figures who would dedicate their careers to opposing the EU in UKIP and the Conservative party, such as Daniel Hannan, Douglass Carswell, Mark Reckless and of course Nigel Farage were radicalised by this one event.

  • I am, and remain, a remainer, and I’m proud that we helped progress the EU forward at every stage, but this argument is faulty. It collectivises the actions of the British government in Brussels, and the views of the people. In reality, these are two highly separate things, as evidenced by the Leave vote, despite the support for remain from all major Westminster parties. And yes of course in a democracy you’d expect these to represent the views of the people but our voting system discourages that.

  • Patronising bag of shite. What the Major government wanted in the 90s does not represent the electorates views on the EU.

    Brexit showed there was a clear disconnect between the politicians and the people, that’s why they got it so wrong.

  • Because we are a wise and magnanimous civilisation and our good work and guidance in the EU is complete.

  • What a bizarre video. As if the UK has a hive mind.
    And going through a few conservative and labour manifesto policies from the past as if trying to say there’s a contradiction even though both parties generally campaigned for remain.
    The thrust of the video seems to be the UK government has over the years helped to shape the EU. Well, who has ever said otherwise?

  • video deliberately conflates what political parties wanted (including those that were never elected) with what the UK public wants

    quite dishonest

  • Because the independence of the UK is completely and utterly non-negotiable. It should not be part of any political union, especially not one that has ambitions of becoming a federalised super-state.

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  • Are they fucking stupid? The UK people didn’t want the things the government signed up to in Europe. The UK isn’t David Cameron or Labour’s 2005 manifesto. Just because David Cameron wanted Turkey to join the EU doesn’t mean the British people ever did.

  • Why ask a question then disable comments?

  • I can’t believe anyone would want other countries telling them what to do. That is mind bottling.

  • Dear Internet creators, stop using phrases like ‘Dear x’. It not only makes you seem patronising but also makes you sound like a cunt.

  • Many reasons
    Germany have an unfair play in the EU being the only nation to benefit from the euros strength and pushing many poor countries such as Greece further poverty while destroying there government and letting Germans manufacturing sector benefit to a state in which it’s running the largest trade surplus in Europe

    The United Kingdom’s ability to self govern its own laws decided on democratically elected citizens whome are completely accountable if they fuck up

    Haveing a political institution based on what people want instead of some German socialists fantasy about true unity

    Also lack of common understanding of the depth of what a trade agreement between rich countries is

  • You can tell that they know this video is bullshit because it’s their only one where the comments and likes/dislikes are hidden and disabled.

  • Truly disappointed in this wonderful channel. Disgusting behaviour coming from them. Video is bad enough.

    But worst they turned off all manner of feedback and discussion.

    Disgusting, disappointing.

  • We really were instrumental in helping to build the EU into what it is today. We talk about how the EU imposes it’s laws on us, but those are laws we were instrumental in creating.

  • Attempting to reconcile during the divorce proceeding is pretty shit advice. In fact separation then reconciliation under a completely new relationship is the usual advice.

  • Will of the people, innit?

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