Davy Jones using his tentacles to hold on his hat when they were going down on water is the kind...

Davy Jones using his tentacles to hold on his hat when they were going down on water is the kind of attention to details I like

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  • I would love a subreddit that shows exactly such things that are easily overlooked

    Edit: lol after an hour after this a post, a new subreddit is born ( r/moviedetails ) Reddit will never cease to amaze me. Cheers to the mod

  • I feel like the movie was ehh but Davey Jones is some of the best CGI I’ve ever seen still to this day.

  • I’ve always enjoyed the pirate movies, even if the quality fell off after the first one, they were still an entertaining romp through the Caribbean.

  • The CGI in that movie was better 10 years ago than in the most recent Pirates film.

    Edit: Jesus Christ it’s been 10 years

  • “Going down on water” – sexy

  • As far as CGI characters go, I can think of few that were able to surpass Pirates’ Jones in terms of astonishingly convincing effects. How they managed to achieve it as early as 2006 is beyond me, though I imagine Disney spared no expense when funding the movie.

  • I fucking loved the Davy Jones arc.

  • Fun fact: The texture used on the tentacles is a scanned inside of a used paper coffee cup.

  • What this tells me is that there was a point in Davy Jones’ time as a octo-psychopomp in which the ship submerged and he lost his hat, screamed at his men and sweared a bunch, and got that hat back.

  • Didn’t this same movie have a guy wearing modern day clothes in the background?

  • I swear I read testicles. Didn’t know what the hell I was clicking on, but had to look anyway.

  • Oh are we doing this? Are we summoning the bot?


  • I see these scenes and imagine a scenario where the veteran CGI guys overlook this and a young introvert intern goes “but with the force of the water, DJ’s hat should have swept away, right?” And the veteran dudes are like, “hmmm….yeah…i guess we can rework this. Nice catch buddy! How’d you like a permanent job?” And the intern all happy goes home and tells his family and they all go out for a drink.

  • Slightly off topic in the other direction… there are things about the two Davy Jones POTC movies which are amazingly well done and then there is the writing…There’s a scene in the third film where all the major characters are pointing pistols at each other and their motivations are so sloppily written that I can barely summarize it better than “these characters are constantly betraying each other, but then do a 180 seemingly for no reason and seem to want to convey genuine concern for each other”

    Anyway, this moment when they are all pointing guns at each other comes right after the Pearl has been flipped upside-down. Barbosa, Legolas, Bend-it-like-Beckam, Depp, and maybe another character all each pointing two guns at other characters and arguing their nonesense about who’s in charge when suddenly the discussion breaks down and they all pull their triggers on each other… pointed at the faces of the people which just scenes before and after the kinda imply closeness. The “joke” is that all the pistols are water-logged and can’t fire.

    Hold the fucking phone… think about this for a second. The movie makes it comedy because none of the pistols work, but literally every character in that scene had the intention of putting a bullet through the skull of two other characters. The characters don’t know the guns will misfire. They literally would have murdered at least half of the main characters in that scene.

    And of course, later in the movie Barbosa marries Legolas to Beckham and its like nothing and Depp and Beckham share yet another “ohhhh youuu” moment.

    That scene with the pistols bugs the crap out of me.

    Edit: scene for those of you who aren’t familiar: https://youtu.be/viUMIvYMMkU

  • I love Dead Man’s Chest! It my favourite of the Pirates films. And Davy Jones is played so well by Bill Nighy, especially since he was dressed like [this](https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/dd/d8/30ddd898c196c44b36befdcc163166bc–davy-jones-pirates-of-the-caribbean.jpg), and we only see [this](https://www.fxguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/07Apr/ilm/motioncapture_after.jpg).

  • Man this just reminds me of how much I friggin love the first 3 Pirates movies…and how dissapointed I was with the last two :/

  • SPOILER: As stupid as the after credits scene was for Pirates 5 I hope they do somehow bring him back

  • can I get a /r/hailcorporate?

  • Am I the only one that thought the tentacles in this scene were adorable?

  • Attention to details? That looks to me like the gag was the point of the shot.

  • >…going down on water…down on water…on water…

    You did what now?

  • people love to shit on the last pirates movies, but they have always been made with love and attention

  • > when they were going down on water

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