David Fincher Didn’t Want the Pressure of Directing a Star Wars Film

David Fincher Didn’t Want the Pressure of Directing a Star Wars Film

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  • I can’t blame him. Especially after all he went through during Alien^^3

    And even with The Force Awakens being a good movie, I mean realistically you may personally not like it it is a competently made film, Abrams still gets shit on for it. Fincher does enough to possibly get criticism, preferring films about serial killers and the like, I can understand not wanting to be put under a microscope like that.

    Why do what you love when you know someone is going to instantly tear you down no matter what.

  • Good.

    Fincher is my absolute favourite director. I would hate to see him dragged into something that wasn’t, for the most part, completely under his control.

    Disney would warp his style into something I don’t think I would care to see.

  • Probably for the best, I love David Fincher’s work but I don’t think his directorial style would really mesh with a Star Wars film.

  • It makes more sense for him to make World War Z 2. He can only improve upon the first one.

  • > That’s a whole other level. One is that you have to endure the withering abuse of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

    LOL, I wasn’t aware they were that notorious where even David Fincher gave that as a reason to not direct a Star Wars film.

  • A Fincher Star Wars would be amazing. Maybe not Force Awakens but a Fincher Boba Fett movie? That would be something.

  • That Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score would have been amazing though.

  • After watching mindhunter, my wife commented “could you imagine a Fincher directed Batman?”

  • What a diplomatic way to say: “fuck you, don’t tell me how to make my movie”

  • I don’t blame him. Many Star Wars fans are delusional, entitled, and exceptionally rude. Look how they treat George Lucas, without which there would be no Star Wars.

    It becomes clear why Disney doesn’t want to take creative chances – they know catering to nostalgia and fan service alone will make money and keep the rabid fanbase in check.

    To me its a lock nothing creative will happen with Star Wars ever again, and the fans are largely to blame.

  • Probably had a lot to do with not wanting to argue with Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the Lucasfilm and Disney execs, too.

  • I think he likes a certain amount of creative control, that’s not something that franchise would have given him.

  • Disney would give him zero freedom, no good director would let that happen to them.

  • No way Disney puts up with his 200 take bullshit either.

  • >the withering abuse of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher

    Well, neither is in the series now . . . so, it’s safe to come back!

    I can only imagine how difficult it must be to deal with legendary actors in their golden years, especially if they just DGAF anymore :0

  • They probably would have replaced him with McG because of “creative differences” after filiming 75% of the movie.

  • Whatever pressure the studio put on him for Alien 3, is nothing compared to Disney. Even Lucas called them “slave drivers” and that’s coming from the guy who made billions selling his franchise.

  • I would love to see a Fincher directed Star Wars movie, only if he really liked the story, as such I dont think one of the main “episode” films would work.

    But yeah, I can’t blame him, or any filmmaker for being extremely wary of the kind of pressure a big franchise film means.

  • Fischer would never work in that environment. He needs freedom and these movies are all very producer-driven.

  • why did they even approach him?

  • Gee, thanks, David. Saddling us with this crap…

  • Some people aren’t made for the limelight

  • Might as well as David Lynch to direct. Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch the shit out of either David’s version of Star Wars (Dune, anyone?), but Disney wouldn’t love it.

  • Good, would be a waste of his talent

  • Im not sure Disney could deal with his OCD.

  • but it would have been a disney film after all.

  • What does he know about Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer? I’m curious about that comment he made? Especially from someone his stature.

  • I don’t blame him. Surely directing a Star Wars film is a trap (cue Ackbar). You likely get very little creative control.

  • I likd Alien3. It should have ended there!!!!

  • He worked on Return of the Jedi. He would know.

  • He should do a Star Wars spinoff story that is a crime thriller.

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