• lol, if you guys were actually watching cross assault back then, you would realize that Miranda was struggling in the competition (she later revealed last year she can’t even do QCF motions). Blaming aris was a scapegoat

  • Damn aris got a gut

  • sadly for Miranda, Aris went on to marry Kayopolice and live happily ever after.

    now Superyan has to prowl the dregs of reddit looking for men with the will & conviction to harass even the ugliest of bitches.

  • superyan has suchhhhh a punchable face :3

  • what career was invented?

  • My favorite part was when he zoomed in on her pedicured feet.

    Sad that it was only in low res. god damn you 360p, god damn you

  • i didnt know about any of this stuff when i first watched one his tekken tutorials BUT still…the first impression i had on him was that he is an asshole,i dont judge people or anything….he just had this negative vibe

  • Verbal Assault?! [](/BibleThump)

  • Rule 3

  • tldr aris raped miranda, arisfags like to ignore this

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