• It’s not easy to tell, but that might be his daughter. I’m going by the hair and the look of the face.

  • That’s very clearly a girl. Even if you ignore the hairstyle her face is feminine.

  • Front left is loving it

  • For the non-NBA fans, that’s LA Clippers point guard Raymond Felton with his daughter showing support for the Nuggets.

  • “Dad notices he’s on a giant video screen and joins in.”

  • The dude, is a chick!

  • dad reflexes?

    this doesnt belong here. plus that’s a girl.

  • that is one cool dad

  • “Oh shit, you didn’t tell me we were dancing! Get it…mom…oh yeah…”

  • TIL redditers can’t gender black people

  • That’s definitely his daughter. I like this gif, but I can’t upvote because the title.

  • I wish I had rhythm.

  • This girl made it to the front page, while being called a boy. That must suck.

  • Downvoted because that is obviously a girl.

  • I thought he was telling her to chill at first. Then he really chilled. That was grear

  • 1. Not a son
    2. Not a reflex

  • How cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  • son’s

  • The dudes in front aren’t impressed by a jiggaboo dance

  • this is the cutest goddamn thing in the world.

  • I was at that game in Denver, it’s his daughter for sure. Those two were amazing and hilarious, they had a dance battle with another guy on the jumbo on and off for about 5-10 mins while somene had collapsed courtside.

  • Did OP just assume gender?

  • Racist OP, can’t tell the difference between a black boy and a black girl.

  • Son?

  • This is his daughter.

  • Son? That looks like a little girl.

  • And this is a reflex how?

  • Yeah well, he’s a she.

  • Looks like Keenan from Keenan and Kel

  • It’s stuff like this that makes me want to be a dad

  • The dad was waiting for the beat to drop

  • This definitely beats whatever is going on on the court for nuggets fans

  • Dang LaMarcus Aldridge really let himself go

  • Turn back. The comments section is a dumpster fire.

  • This is so cute. Dawww

  • I love this!

  • Regardless of the kid’s gender, that dad is cool as fuck. Color me jealous.

  • Isn’t that a little girl…?

  • I wish I had a dad.

  • *daughter

    But fucking adorable

  • I always love seeing this gif

  • Yeah… I think thatโ€™s a young lady.

  • Son?

  • That ain’t a son, op

  • This is the best gif I’ve seen in a long time. That there is a wholesome bond.

  • Thats a man that enjoys being a dad.

  • Not enough people ITT are focusing on the fact that this is super cute

  • Hoshit, I’m on camera! Better act like I’m doing parenting stuff.

  • my dad would have sat me down and shunned me in disgust.

    some things never heal i guess.

  • *Daughter

  • I thought he was trying to tell him to stop at first haha

  • Submitted an hour after the r/BetterEveryLoop version, with roughly the same title… lazy OP, lazy.

  • >his sons

    Where are they? all I see is a girl.

  • Don’t let the clothes fool you. That is clearly the boy’s mother.

  • I kept looking for his son until i realized you mistook his daughter for a boy

  • Im that dad in the future ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • How To Be A Dad 101

  • Yeeesh quite a bit of stupid and quite a bit of racism flying around here,

  • If you’re whining about gender in this thread then you’re sincerely missing the point. Yikes.

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