Customer Service – SNL

Customer Service – SNL

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  • This was absurd, silly, and completely bonkers…but it was so very sweet and melancholic… I loved it.

  • Don’t feel too bad for Melania: she was on the [birther train]( with her husband.

  • Brilliant! Beautiful!

    Every once in a while SNL transcends expectations.

  • This thread is just what I expected.

  • FAILING SNL calls a spider an insect! Sad!

  • This is amazing.

  • Oddly sweet

  • Customer service – not available in your country.

    Its already funny and i didnt have to watch the video

  • This skit was a pile of steaming shit.

  • Trump jokes are so funny and original if only there were more of them.

  • lmao classic Kumar

  • Wow, subtle & introspective humor on SNL. It’s like night and day from the in-your-face ass cancer of that It sketch.

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