Crash 1 N-Sane Trilogy – EP 1 – Haha Wee – Oney Plays With Friends

Crash 1 N-Sane Trilogy – EP 1 – Haha Wee – Oney Plays With Friends

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  • Kicking things off with a gang rape joke. This is gonna be goooooooood.

  • So glad I checked my YouTube queue while my BOTW update is downloading.

    “Chris, I am not sexually attracted to you in the *slightest*”

    “…thanks, Julian”

  • holy shit i was hoping they would be playing this but… if this is from the 12 hour session ding dong mentioned on twitter this will be some good shit

  • surprised they’re actually playing this tbh

  • I died of laughter multiple times in this one playthrough. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very epic series.
    And I’m really hoping they play all these games through (or at least 2)

  • Obligatory Woah

  • there is no editor listed in the intro like usual. oh boy

  • The game is actually very pleasing visually. Looks like it controls really well, too.

  • What the fuck was that announcer voice in the beginning? I actually thought it was Julian doing a funny voice

  • Was the upload timer accidentally set to AM instead PM?

  • man i can’t believe they got paid in stank

  • YEEE

  • My body is ready!

  • Thank you yung boys. I had a no good very bad day and needed the funny laughs. hahah.

  • Today is a joyous homosexual. there is nt the poster promotion in the intro like usual. oh boy.

  • How will they maintain this? Will they have all 3 going at the same time, or just leave 2 and 3 on the back burner while they finish 1

  • The Chris/Crash rape joke was great.

    Why would they release these at night though? There were already 2 uploads today.

  • “Oney’s screams make my pants go cream and make me say uh oh.”

    Said Crash Bandicoot as he was facing the camera, I was shocked beyond belief, perhaps that physical copy of N-Sane Trilogy I got from that old guy behind the local kindergarten was all messed up.
    Then the player who was beside me yelled “WOAH!” and spurned me left square adult.

    Later on I began to replay the level to try and figure out what the Hillary Clinton was going on around here.

    Turns out someone hacked my console, so when I checked it shot out something sticky and wet in my glass eye.

    The End.

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