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  • Haven’t seen that video in years. I just watched it again & it’s still magical.

  • Both funny and unsettling.

  • Anyone have a link to the original?

  • Did you noticed the giant spidercow squished a smaller one?

  • Oooooook….so I watched that

  • Spidercow, spidercow does whatever a spidercow does

  • Wtf did I just watch ??

  • I’m pretty sure those are sheep

  • N-n-n-no kill with f-f-f-fire? Cannot compute

  • That is hypnotic.

  • These cows been swimming in some radioactive water?

  • Why is this so disturbing…

  • It’s been decades, but FINALLY! The flashbacks they promised!

  • There’s no pun here, this is fucking harrowing.

  • Not just cows…. laboratory grown cows!

    *BEEF !* – it’s what’s for supper !

  • I watched that video years ago!! Thanks, it made me smile

  • Words escape me

  • Aw yes the OG weird youtube video.

  • Why?

  • I would play an indie game based on this gif

  • My eyes

  • It…. haunts my dreams

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