• >Within a few hours of the initial tweet, a man in California and a man in Nebraska ordered “C0VFEFE” license plates.
    Within two days of the tweet, people in 21 states had applied for “covfefe” license plates, according to a June 2 CNN story.

    Still can’t believe how quick things take shape in our world today

  • I’m amazed about the amount of research presented in this article. History, similar cases, background. Maybe a bit to compact but I take that any day instead of long empty writings.

  • [Original thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/6jrj2x/covfefe_on_list_of_vanity_license_plates_banned/) by /u/janetnotjackson was removed for linking to a mobile version. Credit to the OP.

  • Why?

  • And yet hentai is still an acceptable one

  • Must be that small group of people who know exactly what it means…

  • People going absolutely insane over nothing.

  • [deleted]

  • You have to protect the snowflake anyway you can.

  • Snowflefes.

  • Confederate flag at Government buildings? Totally cool…. but Covfefe is crossing the line.

  • can someone ELI5 WTF is covfefe and why do people care?

  • so…I can’t get my covfefe plate I ordered?

  • This has to be the fastest a government has ever pushed something through.

    If only they could do this to be more productive.

  • It’s a Kenyan word.

    Donald Trump was born in Kenya and there’s no birth certificate that can convince me otherwise.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would want a license plate reading “UTERUS,” but I also am kind of pissed it wasn’t approved considering it’s in no way offensive.

  • Quick…. Covf3f3 ….. before it’s too late

  • What actual reason is there for banning this? It’s not vulgar or obscene.

  • I’d be afraid to have that on my car. Fucking everyone would be keying my shit.

  • i see trumps following has thin skin too.

  • Oh, but they can put “Chattahoochee” out there?

  • I live in Georgia. I recently took a picture of a license plate that was 247nag. It wasn’t a custom plate, I sent the picture to my sister and told her I found mom’s car.

  • Ban Covefefe, whatever, at least we can still marry our first cousins here in Georgia! Yeee Haaaw!!!

  • Can someone ELI5 covfefe…expecting downvotes but I’m on the road to wokeness

  • Can anyone offer a logical reason behind doing this?

  • Georgia? Of all places…

  • You can’t get that in Pa either according to the website

  • When I think of how that was not only news-worthy but actually all over the news and internet, I cringe at what society has become. He does plenty of stupid shit, why is this what people care about?

  • It’s not a ban, just a pause!

  • /r/covfefe

  • I want all coffee houses to start naming a drink Covfefe so we can drink that fake shit up!! Hey it may end up being trendy at Starbucks !!! Hey come get your Covfefe it will help start your day right!

  • So is Georgia just butthurt or what?

  • I have no idea what this is, and at this moment I’m kind of afraid to ask what it means.

  • Why? Is the State of Georgia interested in minimizing Trump’s embarrassment over his faux pas?

  • Georgia: Tackling the real issues!

  • How is that even constitutionally allowed? The agency should mind its own fucking business until covfefe is a swear word, then they can ban it.

  • Is this in support or opposition to Trump? I can’t figure it out.

  • This is censorship

  • Land of the free, home of the brave.

  • Sean J. Young, legal director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union:

    “What I would tell the government is to get a life.”

    That is gold right there. And something governments in general should be told.

  • Time to custom order a COVFEFE mug.

  • Their safe place is now entire States. It’s amazing how quickly they became their own criticism.

  • Insulting the monarchy is not allowed in GA apparently.

  • Well my dreams are crushed…BUT NOT IF I GET A COVFEFE WINDOW STICKER!!

  • It won’t happen but I guarantee you if someone sued the state of Georgia that Georgia violated their first amendment rights, the plaintiff will win if the case landed in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court just ruled unanimously that it is unconstitutional for the U.S. Trademark office to prevent a trademark because it may offend people.

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