• Featuring his hit single “Rah-vers in the Desert”

  • I must be still in a dream

  • For /u/Evan_Wants_Soup , the Phantom Conq


  • I am thou…

    Thou art I…


  • I want V E R S A T I L I T Y next. My poleaxe is literally expanding between my thighs.

  • conqtoon network?

  • Makes me wanna finish persona 5 for a third time now to get that platnium

  • You continue to *Surprise* me with your amazing posts…I’m sure this won’t be the *Last* one either…okay I’m out of name jokes. XD

  • Looks like Cartoon Network font.

  • Now im curious what everyones tarot card is

  • Law daddy now pls 🙁

  • Ugh, stop temping me with these ;-; bought persona 5 this week and it’ll only be here on friday, i cannot contain the hype to play that game ;-;

  • His Slink is really good but unfortunately, his effects during gameplay aren’t really that great.

  • More like epic conqueror.

  • Woah, you just made a Nobushi one of these recently, yeah? You planning on doing all the heroes? Oh, and great job on this one too. Looks nice.

  • How about Berserker next?

  • Warlords arcana will be The World because he can do everything.

  • Warlords arcana will be The World because he can do everything.

  • Just started playing P5 last Friday. Logged 24 hours of play time by the end of the weekend. The game has got me completely hooked.

    I’m glad I got this reference.

  • Cartoon Network

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