Coming home from a night out I find my house mate (right) sleeping on the green outside a chicken shop...

Coming home from a night out I find my house mate (right) sleeping on the green outside a chicken shop with a separate equally passed out man

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  • He took his shoes off before he passed out so no one can fuck with him. Your house mate is a professional.

  • Man I’d love to visit a country where you can pass out on the side of the road and not get rained on, your wallet robbed and most likely kicked in the guts.

  • Homeboy on the left looks like he ate all his food, then immediately threw it up over the curb. Been there, man. Been there.

  • Next time you see this, roll the guy onto his side

  • This picture is poetry.

  • The fact that there is another stranger who chose to pass out in that exact spot that close to another passed out stranger is just gold

  • [deleted]

  • Stockwell?

  • What a time to be alive

  • lol perfect, what was his reaction to this pic OP?

  • I’m a little jealous. When i pass out, i’m usually on a couch, I could get a tan AND be drunk as fuck

  • r/accidentalrenaissance

  • It’s the wasted chicken and chips/fries that bothers me.

    We all know how fucking tasty it is cold in the morning. Especially in this sub.

    *edit a word.

  • Having done this in the US a couple times, I am surprised they were not arrested and/ or shot by the police for harming no one.

  • This is why you never go to The Swan in Stockwell….

  • London. Rofl.. never seen this before haha

  • This is right by Stockwell station, interesting choice of spots to nap..!

  • If alcohol were illegal it would be the perfect substance to showcase drug abuse.

  • I wonder if the second one to pass out saw the other one? What did they say when they woke up? In the us you’d be lucky to wake up with your phone / wallet

  • This reminds me of Korea so much. It’s pretty common to go to work in the morning and find passed out businessmen on the side of the street.

  • ‘Green’

  • Good lord lol

  • Ummmmm love it

  • Stockwell represent! Straight out of The Swan I expect. We’ve all been there.

  • I think this should be more socially acceptable. I love falling asleep on grass.

  • Love Mary watching over him as he sleeps.

  • I’ve done this before lmao. Can’t you get a public intox charge for it or something if a cop sees you?

  • Some heroes sleep bent backwards over a marble bench

    Others remove 1 1/2 shoes/socks and rest in the middle

    Either way, *decisions were made and stories will be told!*

  • Only in Europe

  • And this stuff is legal in the USA but God forbid you light up a doobie.

  • Now THAT must have been a good night xD

  • Damn. I have never lived that hard.

  • I’m so glad those years are behind me.

  • The Swan at Stockwell??

  • Is this Richmond?

  • Is this Clapham Common?

  • If this happened in Canada, you’d have a 50% chance to sleep until morning and the other 50% would be you waking up in the drunk tank.

  • Doesn’t get any more UK than this.

  • The McDonald’s bag is perfect

  • And Lager as well. Wind bags!

  • Lmao!!

  • It looks like the other guy puked on the ground before passing out, but was it before eating the chicken or after?

  • Not sure if it’s spilled chicken and fries or vomit by the second guy.

  • Your house mate didn’t pass out, he died and went to heaven after eating bossmans food on a drunken night out

  • Haha weird seeing my home town on here

  • This is incredible.

  • What an idiot.

  • Did you check the scratchcards?

  • This is GLORIOUS

  • Being that he has lost a shoe… he is likely also a dead man. Side note: I can tell from the picture they are separate men.

  • Are you sure they are separate men?

  • James Bond in the background. XD

  • Chicken coma

  • What is that chicken shop putting in their food?!

  • Glamorous

  • Chicken shops to drunks are like flames to moths. I’m a moth.

  • that’s almost an accidental renaissance

  • Poor fellow dropped or vomited his dinner on the sidewalk

  • Lmao

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  • Is this Rutgers? It looks like Rutgers

  • This is beautiful…

  • Looks like someone put your friend into the [recovery position](, other guy not so much.

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