Closing the roof

Closing the roof

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  • this was a triumph.

  • Unscheduled offworld activation

  • Is it just me or does anyone else hate how this was shot? Too much jumping around. Would rather have just had one angle from the bottom or from the top.

  • WHat stadium is this?

  • It’s a giant sphincter!


  • Is there like, one button involved, garage-door-style, or several buttons, non-garage-door-style?

  • Public spending on that stadium was $600 million yet they don’t have money to improve schools.

  • Literally the only time the Falcons have closed anything.

  • Patriots 3 – Falcons 28

    3rd Quarter 2:08

    Never forget.

  • Is it only me or does it look like the logo form portal( the game).

  • I wonder if it’s as leaky as the one in Milwaukee

  • This makes me proud of Georgia.

  • [deleted]

  • /r/woahdude

  • Drones are the shit.

  • Thats a big ass camera lens aperture

  • Zaofu?

  • How neat is that

  • OK now open it again…. I’ll wait 😉

  • This would make for an amazing fight sequence in a bond movie

  • Megatron’s asshole.

  • [Too bad the roof isn’t working properly.](

    Great use of tax dollars…

  • Would be awesome if they trap godzilla in there and decapitate him

  • Ugh, the butthole of Atlanta. Supposedly they can’t get the roof to work proper, still.

  • Megatron’s Butthole.

  • Clo(jumpcut)sing the (jumpcut) roof

  • >Closing ~~the~~ ~~roof~~Megatron’s butthole


  • The Skydome called they want their 80’s back.

  • Tight butthole

  • Mmm, anular.

  • Mer-*shade*-es.

    ^I ^^hate ^^^me.

  • Nuclear launch detected

  • 28-3

  • That stadium roof closes about as well as the team does… 28-3

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