Clockwise or anti-clockwise

Clockwise or anti-clockwise

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  • First I was like. It’s CCW.
    It was clearly going CCW the whole way around.

    Then it switched to CW somewhere in the middle.
    Now I can’t see it going in a full circle anymore and its always switching between CW and CCW.

  • I see left to right over and over. Every once and a while I’ll get a spin in a counterclockwise rotation, but after two or three loops it goes back to alternating.

  • It hasn’t changed for me….

  • Only works if you look at her face

  • This is better than the [ballerina illusion]( That one, I could just look at the feet to switch. This one almost goes both ways at once.

  • I think it’s objectively going CCW because of the subtle perspective scaling… but after forcing myself to see it CW, I had to cover the face to stop my brain from ping-ponging back and forth with the face always facing me.

  • it has to be clockwise because there’s no such thing as anti-clockwise

  • Just look at which way the boobs are moving. Don’t look at the face. It’s CCW

  • Anti-clockwise…? Not sure how it could be anything else.

  • Widdershins

  • If you look very carefully it’s actually two separate women spinning in opposite directions with some clever stretching and disappearing dots

  • Is this what acid feels like?

  • CCW

  • Why not both?

  • Ccw for sure

  • If you focus on her chin the spinning will go the correct way without the reverse happening.

  • “Anti clockwise”

  • Close one eye and then close the other for a few seconds before opening just that one eye and they should switch

  • its easier to watch her spin the full 360 degrees in eiyher direction if you stare at her boobs…

    no joke

  • If I shut my eyes for about a second when I open them it switches. Way faster and easier than the ballerina this is awesome. I now hate that ballerina more…

  • By focusing on her nose I was able to switch between CW and CCW

  • Ive now spent 20 minutes trying to get a gif to spin the other way by looking at it

  • for me, if you just close your eyes for a few seconds and open them, it spins the opposite direction

  • If you close your eyes for a second, when you re-open them she’s spinning in a different direction!

  • She’s turning to the right. I don’t understand how this or the ballerina would ever be turning the other way around.

    Edit: For the first time ever one of these has swapped directions, now she’s just shaking her head for no over and over, always facing me.

  • I’m only getting clockwise
    Edit: I’m getting both now

  • Clockwise

  • Interesting article on [Slate Star Codex]( today about how some populations experience these types of optical illusions to different degrees.

  • Personally mine switches directions whenever I’m looking in the top left or right corners and blink. This might help the people that have trouble seeing both directions but it’s different for everybody.

  • Damn

  • When I look at her hair it looks like she is spinning CCW but once she’s looking to the right her head starts turning CW against the rest of her body as if she were an owl and its creepy af

  • It works even if you just watch the boobies

  • That was horrifying! At one point her body and head were rotating different directions!

  • Okay, I think I figured it out. If you look at the face and imagine that she’s looking up, then down, then up, etc. it will look like it’s alternating cw and ccw.

  • It’s keeps switching if I focus on the shadows of her face. Neat. Echoing that it’s better than the ballerina illusion.

  • Or both

  • Sometimes you can get it so that the head is turning one way and the shoulders and torso are going the other way.

  • Focus on the right side then focus on the left side (far left/right) and you see it switch back and forth

  • If you get it to switch halfway through each rotation it will face you the whole time

  • The dress is switching shoulders this is bullshit.

  • It’s fun to make it face forward both directions.

  • ~~counter-clockwise~~ anti-clockwise

  • This is the first one of these I’ve seen where I just can’t convince my brain to make it rotate one way or the other. For me, she’s swaying back and forth.

  • The best way to be able to see both directions is to understand that CW she is looking down and CCW she’s looking straight ahead. If you trace your eyes to where her head with be after the turn you can essentially watch in a figure 8 pattern

  • Because the projection is orthographic, your brain doesn’t get a depth cue telling you that the geometry is getting closer or farther away. The immediate rotational cue under this projection is ambiguous with regards to the direction of the rotation as well, as the speed with which each particle moves is identical whether it is in the front or the back. The left or right rotations, however, are not identical with respect to the pose of the figure, which makes the woman’s look as though her head tilts in the direction that she is rotating (as observed by you).

  • I find if you focus on her hair braid her head spins the opposite direction to the way her shoulders are spinning lmao

  • Blink when the hair is facing you

  • She doesn’t do a full rotation for me. Her face hits one side then goes back the other way constantly facing me

  • So what’s the real answer?

  • This trick must require strong stereovision. Because I just see CCW, nothing else.

  • A variant of the hollow mask illusion. Fun fact: psychotic people are typically immune to this type of illusion- or people on drugs.

  • I’m having a hard time getting her face to spin a full 360 in one direction. She keeps switching CW CCW.

  • Blink your eyes right when she faces the left or the right and you get the sense you’re controlling her direction.

  • My mind is switching so each one doesn’t do a full rotation

  • It goes fucking ping-pong. No rotation for me, and shit I tried.

  • Blink as soon as the face is at the back it will keep switching if you get the timing down. Well it did for me at least

  • Think of wiggling your toes alrernatively with your left and right foot. It will change direction accordingly. 🙂

  • Both. Depending on your Focus.

  • Look at the shoulders, it goes ccw all the way around but you can only see it go cw halfway around. This thing is constantly going ccw.

  • both..? 😅

  • I was going to post that there is no back so it forces you to see both but if you scroll up and cut off the head you see the back.

    Can anyone possibly see the back of the head is a better question


  • Clockwise

  • I am far too baked for this.

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