Clay Guida throws a rare scorpion kick [from /r/mma]

Clay Guida throws a rare scorpion kick [from /r/mma]

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  • I stopped counting after sixteen kicks to the face. How could anyone stay up after that is beyond me.

  • Is there any video of this that doesn’t cut to a different angle halfway through?

  • Good to see him still around, always used to enjoy his fights.

  • Take that, bitch.

  • I thought that was what I saw, commentators missed it as I don’t think they said anything about it. Goldie wouldn’t have missed it!!

  • r/fullscorpion

  • It would of been more amazing if that was a ko and the guy fell into the scorpion pose haha

  • fucken clay, man

  • When was this from?

    Edit: it was from tonight

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