Classic Sean Lock

Classic Sean Lock

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  • Sean Locks stand up is okay. But Sean Lock on 8 out of 10 Cats is honestly one of the funniest roles I’ve ever seen somebody in. Painfully hilarious

  • Sean Lock’s brilliance borders on insanity sometimes (cf the excellent [carrot in a box bit]( )

  • On the day of the junior doctor protests in London in 2015, I was heading home and as I left the tube station a bloke in front of me was quite preoccupied with his son and he dropped his bank card. I picked it up and said “excuse me mate”. He turned round and it was Sean Lock wearing a look that screamed “for fucks sake”, with quite aggressive body language so I said “you dropped your bank card” and gave it back. He didn’t even say thanks, just made a rude grunt and snatched it away. I think he was probably annoyed at getting stopped all the time because he’s famous, but still, he struck me as a bit of a prick.

  • *donkey laugh*

  • Sean Lock is the best

  • Is there a subreddit with more stuff like this? Scenes from british panel shows?

  • Sean is brilliant, sometimes the honest answer is the best. He’s really witty and this kind of humor is worth of looking up

  • Sounds British to me.

  • Needs more JPEG

  • Classic repost.

  • I judge people on their abilities to post original content.
    Its a repost guys

  • excellent

  • [deleted]

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