• Reminds me of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter swirls. What a beauty.

  • This coat pattern is called “classic tabby.” It’s most commonly seen in American Shorthairs, but since tabby is a pattern and not a breed, it can also occur in other breeds and mixed-breed cats. “Classic” is genetically recessive to other tabby coat patterns, so it’s the least common of all the tabby types.

  • My little guy has a similar swirl! Internet, meet [Bummo](http://i.imgur.com/qqe4MWq.png).

  • I would name her Latte.


    But she is adorable.


  • So good. So pure.

  • B O N G A R Ç O N

  • I am currently working at Cinnabon right now and I can confirm that this is indeed what we make our rolls out of.

  • My cat has these same kind of markings…


  • Can I eat it?

  • This kitty is both sweet and savory!

  • This mutha fucker won the gene whirlpool lottery and he knows it.

  • r/bettercallsaul is leaking

  • My wife and I both adore cats, and we’ve had a few over the course of our marriage. One thing that always bugs her, though, is that they lick their own butts.

    “It can’t taste good! It’s gross! Why do they do that?”

    My theory is that they are a different species, and maybe things taste differently to them. I mean, I think mushrooms taste awful, but she loves them. Maybe this is something like that.

    “Maybe, to cats, their asses taste like Cinnabon?” I say with a shrug.

    The conversation always devolves into her yelling at me that I should lick a cat’s butt and tell her if it tastes like Cinnabon. I try to explain to her that my theory is that it tastes like Cinnabon *to cats*, not humans.

    I think she actually does get it. She just likes telling me to lick cat butt.

  • Upvote for everyone

  • The pattern is called : classic tabby

  • involuntary “awwww” came out of my mouth before I even saw what sub this was. Beautiful cat!!!

  • too pretty! (:

  • Bummer of a birthmark, Hal.

  • No thanks, not really hungry right meow.

  • Marmalade kitty!

  • My heart has melted

  • Cinnacat? C’mon.

  • That is a beautiful cat

  • Is that cat in Iowa? I just took this one of my neighbors cat. [http://i.imgur.com/mkGbP4q.jpg](http://i.imgur.com/mkGbP4q.jpg)

  • Is it just me, but does this adorable classic tabby cat also look like it has two faces in the thumbnail?

  • I would name it Jupiter

  • I’ve yet to run into an unfriendly orange cat.

  • I love Better Call Saul

  • Great sofa pillow camouflage.

  • Great. Now I’m hungry.

  • Cat looks like those espresso machines final product tho

  • great cat.

  • Such a unique pattern. Love it.

  • That looks exactly like a less fat version of my cat

  • Aww! Good kitty.

  • D’aww this a good cat

  • Caramel

  • It’saul good man.

  • My gf in high school had a cat that looked like that. She named it Turkey Sub.

  • Aww. So thoughtful of the cat to create a target for the owls.

  • I have a grey cat who had this. When we picked him up everyone called him twister.

  • Dear lord that is a cute fluffy

  • Oh my gosh! He’s adorable ❤️❤️❤️

  • I was never the fastest roller, but I could have 12 beautiful rolls in the proofer 2 minutes after the dough hit the marble.

  • Clearly a cat from Konohagakure.

  • Orange tabbies are the best.

  • What a beautiful, sweet little cat 🙂

  • This is a lovely picture, just perfect.

  • Beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

  • Awesome, proud-looking little dude.

  • “This cat’s name is Cinnamon. It’s convenient because of he knocks over a plant we can call him Sinnamon and no one will know.”

  • TOO 👏 PURE 👏

  • Someone should let this guy know his cinnabun turned into a cat!

  • Love the swirl on the bun.

  • Cutie face!

  • Hes freaking georgeous!

  • I have that same model but in gray.


  • Rye!


  • Kittybon


  • If you look carefully, you will note that the cat’s side reads “TOY” I had a cat like that. He was wonderful.

  • My heart and my stomach are both confused

  • I’ve never wanted to eat a cat before now…

  • I’d name him Gene.

  • This cat is Psychedelic!

  • Uzumaki

  • I love those fat pudgy toes too.

  • Please, please tell me that’s the cat’s actual name!

  • Oh great now i’m hungry.

    Anyone else want to go to the mall with me?

  • So cute I could just eat it right up. But I won’t, because I don’t live in China.

    I do want an actual cinnabon now though

  • This is a high quality cat.

  • Waiting for the rabbit version of this.


  • CinnaCat love to boop

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