Chinese passenger chucks coins into plane’s engine for luck

Chinese passenger chucks coins into plane’s engine for luck

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  • > “she threw the coins to pray for safety”

    > “In order to make sure the flight is safe, China Southern maintenance has conducted a full exam of the plane’s engine.”

    So then it worked!

  • Not all luck is good.

  • >Hundreds of thousands of Weibo users had a field day, with one commenting sarcastically: “Grandma, this is not a wish fountain with turtles.”

    Would it have been more effective if water was sprayed through the engine and some turtles stuffed inside?

  • Oh shoot! I always get airplane engines and fountains confused.

  • must have been a tails up penny.

  • She was arrested… I want to know that she was charged.

  • Police have ruled out terrorism.

  • This kills the plane.

  • Reminds me of the Chinese woman who cut her entire village’s network cables for better Feng Shui.

    Edit: the plane thing is worst.

  • Maintenance hates this guy. Learn how to down aircraft faster than a bird strike.

  • You NEVER want to hear this sound, @ 0:20.

  • Superstitious and stupid are synonyms in my book.

  • That’s not luck, that’s FOD.

  • Adding that she is a Buddhist is redundant and even misleading. Throwing coins is superstitious and in no doctrine of Buddhism does it say the said practice brings luck. Superstition does not equal religion.

  • Does anyone know if this would be likely to cause any real damage had they not noticed and took off?

  • Now this begs the question: Was this the FIRST time she’s done this?

  • I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that this tradition of giving coins (be in fountains, etc…) in exchange for luck, was started a long time ago by a clever bastard who succeeded convincing people that giving him money would magically benefit them somehow.

  • Lucky they spotted her doing it.

  • That’s a FOD nightmare.

  • This kills the engine.

  • That’s like my old “flying good luck charm” where I remove all the rivets holding the skin on the airframe.

    Luck and superstition truly are the right hand of science…

  • That explains why asian flights likes to disappear.

  • “Jeeezze dude! Why did you throw coins in the engine?!”

    “It’s for luck.”

    “What do you mean ? How can that be lucky ?!”

    “Well I threw coins in the engine and we still got here without crashing! How lucky do you want!”

  • I’m sure the TSA will love this.
    Now confiscating money, your wallets are now prone to search and seizure.

  • She saved 150 passengers , who knew what would have happened of that plane flew ?

  • Why are passengers allowed on the tarmac?

    Edit: when you don’t read a thread and realize the questions been answered 100 times….

  • Probably went home and ate some rhino horn or some other endangered animal because it’s “medicine”.

  • Isn’t it sad when the actual news headlines are more outrageous than The Onion?

  • Chinese KenM is real

  • “That’ll just ruin the engine and make us crash!”

    “If I’m lucky.”

  • >Hundreds of thousands of Weibo users had a field day, with one commenting sarcastically: “Grandma, this is not a wish fountain with turtles.”

    Hundred of thousands of Weibo uses were getting on this and the best comment was “this is not a wish fountain with turtles”? Wow. Sounds like a fun social media outlet. /s

  • I constantly feel bad for being Chinese when I’m on Reddit.

  • tfw traditional chinese medicine doesn’t work ~~on aircraft~~.

  • IS what happened to AirAsiaX out of Perth?

    ~ A passenger says an AirAsia X plane was shaking like a “washing machine” when it experienced a problem with its engine, and was forced to turn back mid-flight to Perth. AirAsia X flight D7237 from Perth was forced to turn back one-and-a-half hours into flight to Malaysia.~

  • So we’ve learned:

    * Brown skin – Terrorism

    * White skin – Mental Illness

    * Asian – Innocent Superstition

    Who’s next?

  • Good news! This plane won’t be crashing 🙂

    because it won’t be flying.

  • You cannot make this shit up.

  • I hope they charged her stupid-ass the maintenance bill. Then tell her chucking coins gave her bad luck. OR, chuck coins at her head. Until the total amount of coins chucked equals the amount spend on maintenance because of old lady stupidity. Equivalent exchange, bitch!

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