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    what the heck?

  • Is there nothing China won’t fake?? Next you’ll tell me the 1+ billion population is all a fake and that there’s less Chinese than we thought.

  • Been talking about this for months, Warcraft movie was a prime example of faked ticket sales – the distributor (Wanda) owns the filmmaker (Legendary) as well as many theaters in China. They made numerous deals with prominent Chinese companies & partners to market the film. Rather than piss off those companies & partners who they needed for future projects, they simply “made good” on the promises of the film revenues by buying up every single one of their unsold tickets in their theaters and crediting it to Warcraft. They reported sell-outs in theaters that were closed due to reported floods. Wired did a whole story on this, but it went largely unnoticed.

    Warcraft was a massive failure and there is a good reason they aren’t rushing to produce a sequel to a movie that supposedly made almost $500M. It’s way more likely the move made $50M.

  • Meh. It basically hurts shitty blockbusters.

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