• Number one economy usually has the research funds. And supporting research into various universities gives dividends back to the economy. It’s a big circle

  • Just some things to consider…

    The USA has a population of 320 million maybe. China has a population of 1.3 *billion*. (India has a population of about 1.2 billion, but is strategically irrelevant to my intent here. As is the balance of the West, *apart* from the USA. All of South America and all of Africa are irrelevant. The middle east is irrelevant, as is Austral-Asia. Yes Europe and “Brexit”, you too are irrelevant.) I will admit that Russia however, is a wild card.

    If a serious (and looking more likely, because of *our* President) military crisis situation on the Korean peninsula or Japan (or God forbid, the west coast of the USA) were to hypothetically result in a nuclear exchange between the USA and China, if each side lost roughly 300 million lives, the USA would be extinct, but China would still have over a billion lives left.

    I conjecture that China toys with the idea of a nuclear exchange being survivable to their culture and state. It would remove the West for all intents and purposes. But China absolutely *needs* the technology they are working on to not only survive, but *thrive* in a post Western world.

    Remember this about China. The people of China are wonderful, cheerful, brilliantly intelligent and hardworking beyond anything the USA can imagine. But they are lead by a government that will brook no interference in the way it runs it’s affairs. It is also a government that believes the “end justifies the means”. I have to wonder if part of the “interference” is now considered to be the USA.

  • Looking forward to the coming war between the US and China- its gonna be a good one!

  • This is just propaganda from Chinese state-controlled media – there is very little detail of how they intend to achieve this when they mostly rely on stealing technology from other countries.

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