China delays release of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ‘Valerian,’ ‘Dunkirk’ and more

China delays release of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ ‘Valerian,’ ‘Dunkirk’ and more

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  • Thank goodness they still get the emoji movie at least

  • As if Valerian needed more obstacles to over come to break even.

  • China also doesn’t like foreign films dominating their markets which is why they’ll release several blockbusters together at the same time so they’ll be eating into each other’s profit, which includes holding off releasing some films until they have a collection of them.

  • Maybe this will get studios to stop relying so much on China. So many movies are being tailor made for China, and are now entirely relying on China to make a profit.

  • Valerian opens in Spain August 18th

    I don’t know what they are thinking…

  • Yeah it definitely looks as if Homecoming won’t break a billion

  • What’s wrong with Valerian? Just curious

  • I blame Valerian. I don’t know why but I do.

  • It’s a conspiracy to save transformers and the mummy from tanking even more

  • Is this why Homecoming is earning less worldwide?

  • When will thor and jl hit china?

  • I hope at some point a cottage industry springs up to Dub the Chinese versions of American films back over the original film. At this point the stories the Chinese are getting told must be at least as creative as the shit we get in the first place.

    Who knows, maybe the Chinese version of the Mummy is really good.

  • Uggh. Shanghai is a pretty cool place to live right now, but it’s this kinda crap that really makes me wonder how long I’ll stay. I just want my summer movies dammit!

  • Well guys, this confirms America is going to war with North Korea, and China is putting the clamp down on the importation of all western media. This also coincides with the removal from sale of all software such as VPNs that could be used to avoid censorship. If you were thinking of buying anything from Amazon that is sourced in China, buy it now before it is too late.

  • Chinese regulators are going to shoot their own kneecaps off with these types of decisions.

  • A lot of ppl were lining up for Emoji at the theater today. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really hope they’ve seen some of the other films out and that Emoji wasn’t a top draft pick. I chose Dunkirk & then Wonder Woman. I think I picked the best duo I could, considering I had to work it into a schedule on the fly. I already saw Homecoming weeks ago. I am so glad I saw Wonder Woman in theaters. Aside from Suicide Squad, which I absolutely hate, I have thoroughly enjoyed the much maligned DCEU. I loved Man of Steel. I loved BvS, even though I will admit that it is a mess, has the longest first act ever, and the abysmal Eisenberg. WW is now the crowned jewel of DC. It was much, much funnier than I ever imagined, while still hitting all those darker DC beats. And Dunkirk? That might be the most creative war film I have ever seen. I honestly hate most War films, but I had a feeling Nolan would have a fresh take on the genre. Still floored. They could remove EVERY line in the film, as long as we can keep the sound design and Zimmers score. Such an immersive experience. Baby Driver, Apes, & Valerian were also on my radar. I honestly would NOT pick Emoji Movie at a theater unless I was compensated for viewing it. I will catch it in about
    10 months, at 5am, half asleep, after I have watched every decent film of the year TWICE before I will likely give Emoji a chance.

    Oh, and by the way, CHINA, quit sleeping!!! China seems to have pretty bad taste in films, for the most part. They need some Homecoming, Dunkirk, and hell, maybe Valerian too. LOL, China’s audience is probably obsessed with Dragon Blade (Still can’t believe Jackie Chan, John Cusack, & Adrien Brody are in a film together) or maybe they will demand a sequel to that Nic Cage/Hayden Christensen clustermuck instead!!!!

  • I think China just got a new content leadership person or something. China understands very well that if you go in strict and then slowly loosen it is better than being too loose with movies and influence and then having to tighten up. It is far more popular to do the first.

    This is one thing movie companies need to take into consideration when they make big movies that they intend to make internationally. This is also why they cancelled Bieber.

  • Hahahahahahaha, good for racist spiderman and racist marvel. They didn’t delay anything for wonder woman.They rolled out the red carpet since Wonder Woman isn’t racist. “WW” even spoke about Hollywood’s modern day racism when one of Steve’s compatriots said he wanted to be an actor but wasn’t the right color. How sad that Hollywood is still super racist that Asians and romanis aren’t even the right color for Asian and Romani roles so marvel casts whites as the Ancient one, Q.S. and S.W.

    RACIST marvel casts the white versions of captain marvel, captain America and wasp, and the third white spiderman pushed back marvel’s only African superhero after 17 films. This is why DCEU is superior. They treat us nonwhites with respect unlike racist marvel.

    Congratulations to china for deleting spiderman.

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