Celebrity Hunted – Check out r/c4hunted and our Discord sever!

A very popular TV series in the UK and US, Hunted has returned to Channel 4 in the UK this month for a 4-episode celebrity special in aid of the charity Stand Up to Cancer.

Seven celebrities (known as the ‘fugitives’) have been sent on the run from a team of former police and intelligence professionals (known as the ‘hunters’). A third, regular season with 6 episodes has also been confirmed to follow.

Follow r/c4hunted and join the Discord server to keep up with the latest discussion on the show.

r/c4hunted is the main and only subreddit for the show in the UK, (r/CBSHunted in the US) but is relatively new so a base of users is still trying to be built up in order to hold greater discussions.

It would be greatly appreciated if you helped spread the word of this sub and its Discord, or provide any tips on how to promote it. It would be awesome if we could get it up to the level of activity it needs again for this new wave of episodes. Thank you!


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