• Aww, got excited that some more were revealed. Even though I know they’re not doing any more until a live stream. Witcher trio looks great at least!

  • I find this title misleading

  • what a terrible clickbait, not only it’s not cdpr’s article, it doesn’t even have all the 20 cards, how come it got any upvotes?

  • Wait, are the current Witcher cards getting new art or will there be a second set?

  • I have a feeling that Dorregaray is going to be evvvvvverywhere. I’m definitely planning on using him.

  • really nice, was hoping for something this organize to see all the cards.

  • Thnx

  • What about kegs? Is their loot predetermined or generated upon opening?

  • With the new witchers card art, its hard to decide between transmuting them or crones. Some help?

  • Absolutely gorgeous

  • [removed]

  • Only 20? Very dissapointed , so much time for that

  • Really. We’ve all seen the cards. I’m glad we are finally getting english versions, but can we please stop calling cards we’ve all seen days ago “new”? Looking at you CDPR.

  • I thought thhey will first make all premium cards and then make new cards.

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