Canny trust they East Kilbride yins

Canny trust they East Kilbride yins

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  • Ah Scotland, I love you

  • “Just kidding…unless you’re not!”

  • I was in Scotland as an Australian tourist and I managed to buy a second hand gopro off a local scot free. Kinda feel unlucky now

  • I canny believe you’ve done this

  • Only cunts come fae east Kilbride

  • “Do him in”. Does that mean kill him? In the US “Do him in” would mean to kill him.

  • “I’ve been offered £20 for it already but you messaged first.”

    Makes sense bru

  • speech 100

  • 900 for yer cheek

  • *Image Transcription: Twitter Post/ Facebook Messages*

    **Gregor Ford**, @Gregor Ford

    Never sell a golf club on Facebook to someone from East Kilbride

    *Facebook Messages*

    *[For sale set of Golf putters for £25]*

    Gray: Hi is this still for sale

    Gregor: Hi, yes I still have it. Are you interested?

    Gray: Yes mate where can you meet me. I’m in east kilbride

    Gregor: If you come and pick it up you can have it for £20. I’ve been offered £20 for it already but you messaged first. Let me know either way. Cheers.

    Gray: Awryt mate am goiny meet some geezer for a new putter, wanty come with me and we’ll just do him in and take it off him lol

    Gray: Shit that was meant for ma pal

    Gray: But its not about you

    Gray: Where do u live

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  • Hey. We say “yinz” in Pittsburgh PA. We also say “this needs washed” omitting “to be” which I’ve heard is a Scottish thing.

  • It’s kinda weird to see my home town on the front page of Reddit.

  • Pittsburgher here. Just curious if “yins” is a common phrase in Scottish? A popular slang here is to use “yinz” to refer to a group of people.

  • TIL: Scottish thugs play golf.

  • From East Kilbride here. Can confirm we’re a bunch of cunts.

  • Brings 2 pals, do *him* in, ask him where he lives

  • Wow! Just goes to show you can’t trust facebook these days

  • r/Oopsdidntmeanto

  • [removed]

  • There have been so many unoriginal variations of this, how does it still make the front page?

  • “Where do you live” had me dying

  • I feel as if this was just a bad joke. Something like.

    “Hey man, im going to meet a guy later to scoop up a putter. Want to ride along and help me rob him?”

    Friend- “Ha Ha, sure mate never can be to safe. Lots of wackos these days.”

    “Cool, ill grab the cash he requested from the atm on the way over. See ya soon bud.”

    Instead we got the result we currently witness. Just saying, me and my friends in high school had the same “edgy” sense of humor.

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