Cancel the graduation

Cancel the graduation

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  • Wife has tattoo of our son’s birth year on her arm and she constantly gets ask why she has the super bowl numbers tattooed on her.

  • Hard to cancel a graduation that happened two years ago

  • Rocky 2 plus Rocky 5 equals Rocky 7: Adrian’s Revenge.

  • its like they never watched an episode of Looney Tunes…

  • Maybe it’s not the school year, it’s their tarot card reading!

    [II – The High Priestess](

    You have been in need of new experiences and may wander somewhere outside of your comfort zone. If you are lacking support in important areas of your life, you should consider the idea of investing your time in new people and new ideas. You are entering a time of renewal, but you may need the help of another.

    [0 – The Fool](

    At this moment, you are entering a new phase of life. The experience of this change may seem good or bad now, but its influence will be clearer in the future. Assessing the risks is crucial to making the right choice.

    [IV – The Emperor](

    Taking the initiative may lead you closer to your goal, but only if you can bear the responsibility of all your actions. You will be given the opportunity to lead in one of life’s many roles. Remember those who follow behind you.

    *(disclaimer: I don’t believe in any Tarot stuff, this was just fun to put together)*

  • MMXV (for the plebeian who doesn’t know Latin)

  • I’m not infuriated. I’m mildly disappointed… 🙁

  • How do you write zero in Roman numerals? I know, use the Arabic 0!

    (among other issues with the number)

  • “Brutus, get the dagger”

  • If you say years like “two-oh-one-five” it almost makes sense. Almost.

  • I saw someone with a tattoo of what appeared to be a date last week. The first two sets of numbers worked, but the year part of the date started with XX. This is somehow worse.

  • This was my high school. This same picture pops up every 5 months or so. Those poor poor dumbasses.

  • it’s too easy to finish american public schools

  • That is depressingly bad. It takes like 10 minutes to learn roman numerals, or you could just plug it into google or something.

  • Naw, it should be 11111011111.

  • The proper Roman numeral is MMXV if anyone it’s curious

  • Rocky II plus Rocky V equals Rocky VII Adrian’s Revenge!

  • Shit like this is why you have Trump as your president.

  • This actually isn’t an old picture. The class of 2015 didn’t graduate until now.

  • I can’t believe they must have asked “What’s 0 in roman numerals?” and just proceeded to draw a rectangle instead of asking anyone else for advice.

  • This is what weapons grade stupid looks like.

  • I understand if that school doesn’t teach Roman Numerals, but somewhere a long the line they had to of learned how to use Google, right? So therefore; this has to be a gag, fake and/or gay.

  • This better have been ironic.

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