• Halo 2 👌🏼

  • Halo: Reach is my fav

  • Whaaaat I went crazy on halo 2. Halo 2 started the Xbox friends list and messages

  • Are you me?

  • Reach is my favorite by far

  • The fact that Halo 2 has your least amount of games played leaves me extremely disappointed. Best online Halo to date.

  • The original trilogy

  • Uh, yeah! The best one! Halo 3 <3 The second game is close but 3 just perfected everything. I actually disliked a lot of maps in 2. 3 Was also just sooooo colorful and fun, every map was wonderful from what I remember. I played Reach multiplayer for a month and didn’t enjoy it at all, it felt very slow. I know a big part of that is it being a post COD4 world but even just with Halo games it felt slow. I don’t remember if it was Reach but when they introduced loadouts the game died, immediately.

    Load outs aren’t a bad thing, but they were in Halo. A big part of Halo’s charm was getting those weapons on the map that are in key spots, like in Halo 3 theres that level with the beach and the spinning wheel that houses the sword, you were really vulnerable if you went for the sword but the payoff was wonderful. That kinda stuff was awesome in the first 3.

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