Bush cracks joke to Obama while Clinton makes a speech

Bush cracks joke to Obama while Clinton makes a speech

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  • I love how Bush maintains the eye contact like:

    “Yeah, I know it’s funny. It is.”

  • Can anybody read lips (and see through necks)?

  • I can’t even imagine how many speeches those three have given in their lifetimes.

  • That was smooth, couldn’t even read his lips.

  • Love the look on George’s face, he’s so proud of himself.

  • Bill looks like he hears it too and cracks the faintest smile while trying to stay on topic

  • Imagine the secrets these three men possess and here they are acting like completely normal people

  • Every photo I see of Bush with Obama or their whole families it seems like they really like each other.

  • Bush’s reaction to making Obama laugh is my favorite part of this.

  • This happened right after Clinton says something about our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico and American Virgin Islands. I imagined Bush jokes about president of Virgin Islands.

  • I definitely thought Bush had wrapped his arms around Clinton and caressed his chest from behind.

  • Bush: They had to place a plexyglass desk to show everyone there’s no girl behind it

  • I love retired presidents. It’s like an exclusive club for older dudes who no longer give a shit.

  • That is 7th grade assembly behavior at its finest.

  • I want to see a buddy comedy starring obama and Bush with a recurring theme of them trying to figure out how to get Clinton’s dick out of tight spots.

  • I really want to know what that joke was lol

  • George looks so pleased with himself. He looks exactly the same way as my dad does when he tells the joke we’ve all heard a hundred times and someone else finds it funny!

  • Bush: “that’s what she said,”

  • You can see Clinton react too, he heard what he said, He was just able to keep his composure.
    Bush is a smart man, he measured the camera angle to place himself so the camera wouldn’t catch it but it would break both Clinton and Obama’s composure.

  • Given Obama’s warm smile afterward, I doubt the joke was the sort
    of lewd aside some posters are suggesting. Without any additional info, I’d guess the comment revolved around Clinton’s well-known tendency to speak at length, and how the rest of them are going to get pretty tired standing there.

  • These three should have their own sitcom. I’d watch it.

    Edit: Thanks to the kind stranger that popped my Reddit Gold cherry. Appreciate it!

  • I feel like the three of them are gearing up for some Hangover-esque shenanigans in Vegas

  • The True Trump Effect: making people not hate GeorgeW Bush

  • I’ve agreed and disagreed with stuff that each of these guys has done. But I’m pleased they’re trying to raise awareness for hurricane relief. And I hope they serve as examples to the rest of us to work together to solve common problems (even as we agree to disagree about many things).

  • Lol, he was pretty proud of it too.

  • “Hey Barack, what’s funnier than 24? ….25

  • In all my 31 years, I’ve never seen a political climate that is more divisive than the current one. The national dialogue is incredibly toxic, and each side continues to push the other further away.

    Seeing this brings an incredible amount of humanity to it all, and boy, it sure would be great if everyone acknowledged that we’re all supposed to be on the same damn side.

  • It looks to me like Clinton heard it to, you see him pause and work to supress a smile.

  • Source?

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