• That perfect circle tho

  • Starving bugs in Africa would kill for those crusts

  • Looks like a beer cap flew through that leaf

  • If it kept eating in such a way the leaf would become unstable and bow. Hell it might have just fell off when the leaf did just that.

    It has to suck to eat your floor.

  • “No crust?”

    “No crust.”

    [“What is this guy, sandwich crazy?”](https://youtu.be/B_eW0HY7EiY?t=40s)

  • now it has even more crust!

  • No ~~Capes~~ Crusts!

  • But he gave it his seal of approval.

  • He ate around himself in a circle and then fell through? The Wile E. Coyote of bugs.

  • It’s just a bottlecap

  • Did you just assume the bugs gender?

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