Bryan Murray has passed away

Terrible and sad news.

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  • Thank you, Mr. Murray, for bringing your unique blend of heart, soul, passion, and integrity to not only the Senators’ organization, but into the culture of the Sens community throught the Ottawa valley and beyond.

    You absolutely loved hockey, and your enthusiasm was infectious. You were a true gentleman and will be dearly missed.

    Thank you for your gift and prompting me to get a colonoscopy at the age of 50. Forunately, I am healthy, but having it done, I will continue to get checked.

    Rest in Peace.

  • Sad day, stick taps for Murray.

  • Habs fan here coming in peace to pay my respects.

    Bryan Murray was a great hockey man and a great hockey mind. He was sharp up until the very last day, I’m sure. He was determined. He will be sorely missed.

    RIP Bryan Murray

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  • Bryan gave us an outsize, big-fish presence when we should have been minnows. He kept the team on an even keel during the worst of Melnyk’s excesses.

    Lived and breathed hockey. What a massive loss for our community.

  • Sad to hear. Even though I was critical of Murray during his last couple of seasons as the GM of the team, I really respected him and his hockey knowledge. He was a really good coach and a good GM. I’ll always remember him as the coach of those high powered Ottawa teams and of course, the only coach we’ve had that helped take us to a Cup Final.

    My condolences to his entire family

  • I can’t believe this 🙁

  • If this is true I’m sorry for your loss

    Love from the Leafs

  • Heart breaking. R.I.P Bryan.

  • Grant is a Shawville boy, so this isn’t a joke.


  • Aw man. 🙁 what an absolute legend though. I’ll always have a place in my heart for him

  • RIP. Great man, great mind for hockey. Really saddened to hear this

  • This is terrible. He did so much for the franchise and I really respected his knowledge of hockey and everything he has done.

    Thank you GMBM.

  • My condolences to the Murray family. This is truly a sad day in the Senators and hockey communities. Bryan, you will be missed.

  • From an Oilers fan, condolences to Sens Nation. Bryan was one of the great men of hockey. A absolute warrior. RIP Mr. Murray.

    And fuck you cancer.

  • As much as people could hate on his decisions or induction into management, I think what people need to realize is this man had his heart out for the Sens to succeed.

    Spent 2 years coaching this team and spent 9 years in the manager’s chair and you can’t get that much experience with nepotism or luck. He wanted to see the Senators win a ring and made it his goal. I can imagine he experienced lots of joy through the last playoff run by our Senators.

    Thank you Bryan for all the work you’ve done in Ottawa, you’ll be missed.

  • Heartbroken :(. Thoughts are with his family and friends

  • Very sad news. Thank you Bryan for all your hard work and for helping to put us on the map in the hockey world. _/ _/

  • Thank you for the memories, GMBM 🙁

  • Our condolences Sens nation.

    We lost a good man in Bryan.

  • So sorry for the loss. Tough ass motherfucker. He will not be forgotten.

  • I probably don’t know him as well as Sens fans, but whenever I saw him on clips and videos, one word always came to mind…genuine. He seemed like one of the few GMs who didn’t mince words and got his point across.

    RIP Mr. Murray

  • Hard to find the words. Very sad news. Rest easy GMBM

  • A loss for the whole hockey community.

    Fuck cancer.

  • RIP _/

  • Fuck cancer. R.I.P. _/

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  • So sad. He looked just like my dad. Cancer is a bitch. I’ll never forget enjoying when they would show his reactions up in the press box when the sens would win in overtime or just miss a chance…

  • RIP Mr. Murray. Great man.

  • My condolences from a Habs fan. Not for nothing that Murray drew NHL paychecks continuously since Trudeau the Elder was Prime Minister.

  • Condolences guys.
    This made me very sad, he was a class act.

  • RIP Bryan Murray. Thanks for your dedicated work all the great hockey.

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  • He fought hard and gave cancer a hell of a battle. RIP Mr. Murray. Thank you for all you’ve done.

  • Wow.

    Some absolutely incredible years with him at the helm.


  • 🙁

  • I was at the Ladysmith Hotel the other night (Thursday) for dinner, a place I know he likes. Thought maybe I’d see him. Shit.

    Thanks for everything you brought to the city, the team, the organization and the fans. RIP Bryan.

  • I was just thinking about him this morning too.. just randomly.. then my buddy from work just texted me and told me he’d passed away 🙁 So sad.. Fuck cancer.

  • This man lived and breathed hockey. Rip buddy you won’t be forgotten.

  • What he did for hockey is unparalleled. And I’ll always remember the Brawl with him and Lindy at their absolute best and our rivalry at its highest.

    RIP Bryan Murray. Thoughts and prayers to the entire Murray family and the Sens organization.

  • Hopefully he can see the team he built win the cup from the gates. Rest in Peace.

  • Wow 🙁

  • One of best part of his legacy was the number of Ottawa-area players he would draft and sign throughout his tenure as GM. He himself grew up not too far from Ottawa in Shawville. It is great how he managed to give our team a bit more of a local flavour.

    RIP Bryan Murray

  • Rest in peace Bryan Murray.

    I was very sad to hear this, I have a great deal of respect for the effort he put into the Ottawa organization and some very powerful Sens teams he has built.

    He seemed like a wonderful human.

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