British police officer has watched too many movies

British police officer has watched too many movies

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  • Hot Fuzz

  • I’d say he’s watched EXACTLY the right amount of movies.

  • Now that Jason Statham is here, we can get this sorted out.

  • He turned the most difficult way to film that

  • pulled it off though.

  • I wonder if he ever fired his gun in the air and said ahhhhh

  • Isn;t this the video that has the cop jumping out and menacingly approaching the guy giving the lady cop all the shit and you can hear the dude saying “its cool man, its cool” as his voice trembles”?

  • Like ah gluvv!

  • They could learn a thing or two from swedish police [Link](

  • He should have his licence revoked.

  • Ah, my hometown, such a lovely place…

  • Gillingham. Of course.

  • I’d expect to see this type of dramatic enterence with US cops. But not British police haha

  • Literally just stolen from the front page and repost as a gif

  • Why did I see a picture of this location earlier on Reddit?

  • Holy fuck that was reckless and dangerous

  • goosh i just wanted to get my nails done

  • Clearly actually the perfect amount.

  • Unwarranted reckless driving.

  • The original video with audio is hilarious…
    Just hear some English dude say “what the fuck was’at about?!”

  • Deja vu

  • Yeah, but has he ever fired his gun whilst jumping through the air and going “aaaaaaaaah!”?


  • As fast as this repost!

  • *eurobeat intensifies*

  • Source?

  • Maybe he’s a fan of Trooper Thompson from the GTAV Family RP Server.

  • Like a glove!

  • Ah’ve you ever fired two guns whilst jumping through the air

  • When your handbrake turn goes horribly wrong

  • General reposti

  • r/unexpected

  • He’s been practicing

  • So. fucking. boss.

  • As the wise Bill Hater once stated “always respond to call at a bar, that way at least you Dan get a beer out of it”

  • The first guy has red on him

  • Clearly an accident.

  • Today is finally the day I can say I’ve seen something on Reddit posted from the shit hole a few miles away

  • Now thats a fucking entrance!

  • “Hold my Cornetto!”

  • Do they not have anti lock brakes? Or was the pavement slick and I just couldn’t see it in the video. That would have been boss if he didn’t hit anything.



  • That was fucking sick!

  • Bellbottoms! Bellbottoms!

  • To protect and swerve

  • Repost…

  • Whoever this is deserves to be promoted to chief of police

  • I would not want to mess with the officer who steps out of that vehicle.

  • All cops should drive like that.

  • Repost

  • If you’re the type of asshole that simply must record everything, at least learn to follow the action. Turning around the other direction would have made for a much more interesting video.

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