• This is so cool, I love that Colbert still gets guests like Brian Greene. The goofy late night variety show game things have never been his strong suit but this kind of stuff more than makes up for it.

  • Colbert’s show is proof that you don’t necessarily have to program for the lowest common denominator of consumer. Putting science on network late night shows is a service to society.

  • Damn, every time he puts his bare fingers on something that just came out of liquid nitrogen my fingers go numb.

  • sceiene

  • I absolutely love Brian Greene, he’s the reason I got into quantum physics.

    In fact my whole worldview is in part a product of the things I’ve learned reading his books.

  • I have always liked Brian Green. His Nova specials are pretty interesting. His Fabric of the Cosmos series and the Elegant Universe are must watch series. We need more science communicators like him.

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