Brewers trade for Jeremy Jefferess

Brewers trade for Jeremy Jefferess

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  • Now to get Will Smith and Tyler Thornburg back…

  • Fuck it, can’t do any worse than our other bullpen arms.

  • How the fuck does Big Dick Dave keep doing this shit to the Rangers? lmao

  • That’s actually fucking awesome.

  • Rangers gave up Brinson and Ortiz for Taylor Scott and a PTBNL. Ouch…

  • Lol

  • Woohoo! I always liked Jeffress, hopefully he can turn into a beast again. And if not, at least I can watch someone suck who I actually like. Also, can’t imagine the return on this trade is much for the Rangers.

  • Here’s to hoping he can rekindle the magic he only had here.

    Considering we gave up a AA pitcher who had a WHIP of 1.49, I gotta say..

    Whoevers running the Rangers is fucking retarded lol

  • LOL

  • Depending what Rangers get out of this but it’s funny. Crew get a haul for Jefferess and Luc and now Rangers just flipped Luc for PTBNL. Rangers have to be kicking themselves.

    who’s kicking themselves more Rangers or BoSox?

  • Nice! Let’s hope he feels at home here in Mke and stays clean. I think he only has 1 strike left

  • So the trade actually shakes down to Brewers get Brinson, Ortiz, Swarzak (flipped Cordell for him) and Jeffress. Rockies get Lucroy and the Rangers get Taylor Scott and PTBNL from the Rockies. Oooof, Rangers got fleeced over two years there.

  • He has a 5.31 ERA but it looks like a lot of that might be due to control issues because his BB/9 has doubled since being traded last year. Hopefully we can get him back to his early 2016 form.

  • Damn. The Rangers are a great example of what I’m glad the Brewers didn’t do this year.

  • Hmm…

  • 5.31 ERA? What happened to him? Hope he gets back to what he was before he left.

  • It was all a part of Stearn’s devious plan

  • Oh. Ok.

  • This is hilarious…hopefully he starts right back where he left off…

  • What did we trade?

  • Here is the first report

    Taylor Scott AZ Fall League RHP / Double – A

  • I’m not saying I totally did this in MLB The Show and we’re still in 2nd place behind the goddamned Cubs…but I did. And we are. Goddamn Cubs.

  • Welcome back

  • I think JJ is under control for next year to right or is he a FA? Don’t remember.

  • Brewers got Brinson, Ortiz and Swarzak for Lucroy, Scott and Cordell, essentially.

  • Woo! DJ Jazzy Jeffress is back!

  • Previously wore 41 and 21 as a Brewer. Guerra is 41, Shaw is 21. Was 23 with Rangers. Stick with 23?

  • This feels like a typical we can fix him deal. Some teams are all about that like the White Sox recently, so I hope we can get him back to his old self.

  • I was jokingly advocating this move earlier. Last time we traded him away he sucked for KC and Toronto, then was great for us. Looking for history to repeat itself.

  • Coming from a ten year old at a baseball tourney right now, who is Jermomma Jeffries?

  • Woooo big splash!! So happy they didn’t make a move up 5.5 games with the 30th payroll. Im sure that decision will breed future 1st place finishes. – said no small market gm ever

  • That bullpen relief, tho

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