Boy, 11, gets higher IQ test score than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

Boy, 11, gets higher IQ test score than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

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  • “I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.” – Hawking

  • Considering neither Einstein nor Hawking ever actually took an IQ test, sure…

  • The IQ test isn’t meant to be some high score thing, it’s a tool to determine if people are learning disabled, average, or above average, not *how high can you score* or even to be very accurate in what flavor of above average you were.

  • This is bullshit.

    1. The supposed IQ levels for Hawking and Einstein are for SD15 scores.

    2. This boy scored 162 on a SD24 test.

    This means that correctly adapted this boy’s IQ would be around 138. Smart: Yes. Hawking level? No, not by a long shot.

    EDIT: Additionally children tend to score a lot higher than an adult would because their scores are calculated in relation to an adult. IQ does not grow linearly with age.

    EDIT2: To explain a bit: SD15 and SD24 refer to different point systems. 15 and 24 points respectively make up a standard deviation. So 115 in one system is equal to 124 in the other system. Approximately 68% of all values lie within 1 standard deviation of the average (100). So a SD24 system gets much higher values than SD15 systems.

  • Tag line should then say “…thereby demonstrating how irrelevant IQ scores are”

  • Had a Mensa member work with me. He did not know how to turn an adjusting screw the same direction each time. He would turn it one direction … then next time turn it opposite instead of continuing to the proper location. Also had him flood a building because he went to lunch with a hose running.

  • Well there’s no doubt that the kid is very smart… Nevertheless, the test is probably less accurate for people at the extremes than it is for the vast majority of people who are more “normal.”

  • It’s not about the size or your IQ, it’s how you use it.

  • Poor kid. This will make him think he is special.

    Ironically it will make it less likely that he is special.

  • >Arnav Sharna

    Good for him if real, but this better not be some clockboy 2.0 bullshit

  • >Arnav Sharna

    Good for him if real, but this better not be some clockboy 2.0 bullshit

  • A measure of real intelligence isn’t by doing some stupid test. Albert Einstein could have done this test and then worked in a factory for his entire life and the test would have been worthless.

  • That man’s name? Boy, 11

  • Yeah, but is he published yet?

  • That doesn’t mean squat.

    Report back in thirty years,

    I bet he’ll be weird.

  • When the creator of a test says the test is mostly bullshit, then the test is probably mostly bullshit. In addition, the test is sometimes multiple choice.

  • I’m actually quite scared to take an IQ test

  • He’ll never be as good a tapdancer as Hawking though.

  • …and that boys name?

    Dunno, DRTA


    Source: I have no source.

  • Read the book “Outliners”. Having a high IQ is good but there is so much more on the road to success.

  • And yet he’s playing with a fidget spinner. 🙁 🙁

  • Quite a realization that perhaps the world’s very brightest minds of the future will grow up playing with…fidgit spinners.

  • “Man who stand on toilet is high on pot” -Confucious

  • Iq scales with age. Nonstory

  • Whatever you do, don’t *tell* this kid.

    Children who get the label “genius” tend to do very badly in life. It creates false expectations and isolation from their peers. Just let the kid be his own smart self and encourage him to pursue his interests. Just like any other kid.

  • It’s an ad for Mensa, not actual content, FYI.

  • “Boy, 11, learns not to let media know of and misrepresent his personal accomplishments.”

  • If he doesn’t meet expectations, he will be disowned!

  • How much do you want to bet that he doesn’t grow up to join the NRA and vote Republican?

  • When asked Donald Trump stated, “Big deal. Mine is twice as high as that 11 year old and I had the biggest inauguration crowd of all time!”

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