body guard didn’t even flinch

body guard didn’t even flinch

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  • Why does the dude sound like jarjar binks with tonsillitis?

  • “here, let me help you pee blood for the next month”

  • Wow, that guy did not expect that first hit at ALL.

    Good timing on the bouncer/bodyguards part.

  • The fuck is with that random asshole jumping in? He’s the real shitbag here.

  • Jesus christ, you can hear the soul leave the body on that slap

  • The solo kidney shot…

  • Why did the bouncer than go after the friend of the drunk douche? His stance and whatnot didn’t look like he was partaking seemed like he was just holding his friend back.

  • Don’t fuck with the dudes who go over the top rope like that.

  • Nice crowd! Very respectable.

  • Those first few punches from the guy coming in from the back might’ve hurt but they sure look like the most pathetic punches I’ve ever seen lol

  • Bodyguard=/=Bouncer

  • Instructional video: “How to bitch-slap Jar-Jar Binks”

  • The guy in the stripped shirt yelling sounds like Courage The Cowardly Dog.

  • I feel like the kidney shot from a professional body guard to a drunk guy half his size after he had the situation under control was pretty excessive.

  • All four involved parties are assholes.

    The asshole who started yelling is an asshole for not keeping his temper in check.

    The bodyguard is an asshole for escalating the situation, he had a fucking barrier between him and shirt guy and had to climb down from there.

    The asshole who sucker punched the guy on the ground is an asshole for beeing a sucker punching asshole.

    The kidney shot body guard is an asshole for punching someone on the ground.

    Everybody is an asshole in this video, even the camera man for filming other assholes.

    Edit: And OP is an asshole for posting this as “Justice”.

    Edit2: And every mod who has seen this post and not removed it, is an asshole too, there is not a single bit of justice in this post, just a bunch of assholes.

    Edit3: And everyone who upvoted this post is an asshole.

    Edit4: Just to make the list complete, i will add myself too.

    Edit5: Thank you /u/Wheresmyburrito_60 [for providing this glorious video clip!](

  • They really should have taken it easy on the guy, I mean going through puberty is a tough time for anyone.

  • “No, no, don’t slap him. Don’t get involved. That’s unnecessary. Let me take care of this professionally and efficiently.”


  • it’s easy to win a fight against a totally wasted guy

  • Love the other dude jumping in there, “I’m helping!”

  • ITT: people that don’t know how bouncers roll.

  • Fuck the pussy that whales on him after he’s down.

  • What is that guy saying to the big guy who hit him?

    People are saying he initiated / had it coming but I can’t understand a word he’s saying.

  • Wasn’t the last punch unnecessary?

  • I can’t see the justice after the first punch.

  • Punch him then leave him alone. He’s drunk he doesn’t understand.

  • Can anyone translate?

  • The real twat here is the ape who jumps over the fence and tries to sucker punch the dude several times in the back of the head. He looks like an absolute retadrd doing it too.

  • Fuck that guy in white tho who jumps in. The situation is obviously handled but he wants to feel like a hot shot.

  • Don’t fight with bouncers. They are big and fat for a reason. At least get a weapon or a hammer or something….bear mace…etc.

  • [removed]

  • Fuck with all round here

  • Everyone around him are like his siblings and he fucked up and he’s about to get his ass beat.

  • OH that was beautiful.

  • That bouncer looks about twice as thick as the dude accosting him. If I was a walking refrigerator I wouldn’t flinch if a toaster tried to start some shit either. Wish he iced that dude that came up and sucker punched the toaster though.

  • everyone in the video is a douche.

  • Someone should teach this guy about **PROPORTIONAL RESPONSE**

  • I don’t find anyone in this video to be innocent.

    This is pretty light on justice.

  • If you land a Single punch, that was the one to land lol.

  • “it’s over citizen, I have the high ground”

  • I saw a bunch of pussy shots when the guy was down.

  • I hate when girls just fucking scream like that at the end for no reason

  • Jar Jar didnt stand a chance, bouncer had the higher ground

  • I like how he punched out the first guy but the second guy he hit was trying to calm his friend down and didn’t deserve it.

  • Lol. Fucking shrieking banshee that cunt is.

  • Was he crying as he was speaking lol?

  • I will never understand why people taunt anyone in the “Muscle for Hire” business. The fuck was this guy expecting to happen. Play stupid games…, I guess

  • The bouncer acted very unprofessionally.

    As far as it can be seen, the guy was drunk and he was zero threat to other people or property. His punch was a joke. The bouncer should’ve kept his cool and ignored it. Insted he went to full lemmeshowyouwhosdaboss program. The second punch, while the guy was on the ground, was particularly uncalled for.

    I see no justice served here.

  • Why did the other guy come in and just start throwing punches.

  • Lmao that other guy.

    “Ahhh a fight ARRGHGHHGHG -*begins raining fists*-

  • That liver shot was uncalled for. The man was already down, and no threat. I would sue the bouncer and the club owner.

  • That was a liver punch at the end there. The most painful shot in boxing the poor kid will be pissing blood for a week if he’s not careful. Fat boi knew what he was doing.

  • ITT: people that don’t know how bouncers roll.

  • If that guy was really a bouncer, he better hope that the guy never gets his hands on this video. If this kid sees this, the bouncer is going to jail and getting sued and the club owner is getting sued. Not good.

  • The bitch is a little entitled immigrant mooslim. Throw pork on that bitch.

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