• That is an effective technique. My question is how does it eat that fish?

  • [Similar hunting strategy at the next level of the food chain.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfbHZRO54cE)

  • GOT EM!

  • Right in the eye.

  • clever little fucker

  • I don’t know about you but that bird is really smart. Or just evolving to become a bird person.

  • Here is the BBC original video https://youtu.be/1M5sfVA7xEQ

  • You give a bird a bread he full.
    You learn a bird to fish, is better than to eat just piece of bread.

  • Clever girl

  • It amazes me that humans thought humans were the only tool-using animals for so long [not that they necessarily understood that we are animals either].

  • A green heron?

  • They’re evolving….

  • How the fuck can this bird eat a fish though?

  • Idiot forgot his bread. The 5,000 are gonna be pissed

  • Give a birb a crumb he eats for a second, teach a bird how to crumb and he eats for a week (-:

  • he attac but no protec

  • Pretty gangster

  • Looks like he was about to eat the bread, snatching it away from the fish, then thought, “Wait, would I rather have the bread morsel or the *fish?!*”

  • He didn’t catch fire

  • Animals are waaay smarter than most people think.

  • Clever girl

  • At first is was like. HEY! That’s my bread! …wait it minute..no, you have it.

  • Clever girl

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